I think I'm falling for him!

so i only met him 9 months ago when i started my job, he works there too, i thought nothing of it until about 4/5 months ago where we finally had a proper full on convocation and i realised how different he is from every other guy i've talked too, i felt a connection straight away like i never have with anyone else.

i should point out he is my supervisor in work so he tells me what isle i have to work after i finish my own and when he's the only supervisor in he always makes me work the isles that he is working and he makes a habit of going off the isle and coming back and then start working right next to me so we can talk.

its only been the last 2 months that ive actually thought about this and how it could actually be feelings like feelings more than friendship feelings and a couple of weeks ago my sister (who also works with us) told me that she wants to know exactly what's going on between the 2 of us because there is something between us and as much as i tried to deny it I can't.

something is happening between us but we both know it doesn't matter what it is we cant be together because he has a girlfriend and neither of us want to hurt anyone never mind someone he loves, so we just talk and have a joke while in work and try not to stand to close to each other just in case someone else picks up on the atmosphere between us and starts asking questions because if someone ask me a question about him i'm not going to be able to deny it, my sister figured it out and i'm sure my co-workers will too now that they know when i'm lying and not.

so for now i will continue to be his friend, support him in every decision he needs me too and just be happy that i'm important enough that he talks to me like we suppose to be in each others lives even if it is as friends and even if it hurts my heart a little to see him with her.
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Mar 30, 2016