I Have Fallen Hard For Him... I Hope I Never Lose Him.

He is AMAZING i love him. He is british and has ALL the same interests as me. He is extremely sweet. He has a BEAUTIFUL singing voice. I trust him, i care with all my heart for him, he is hilarious. He is slightly dominant :) which gives me butterflies. I love it when he acts dominant. He likes the same kink as i do. He is spontaneous. He helps me through everything. I hope we last forever. It seems right with him. Like this is how it is meant to be, how it is written in the stars.. He is just everything i ever want or need. He is tall, has the BEST personality, shares a LOT of my interests, is slightly dominant, extremely loving and caring...but like always i am waiting for him to say "i don't live you anymore" or "i have found someone else" or "you don't make me happy anymore" it always happens... But i don't think this time will be the same, i pray and hope EVERY day that i get to keep him forever and always..i NEVER want to lose him..NEVER...

I LOVE HIM!!!!! :D
Caitlinsmith1636 Caitlinsmith1636
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Good for you :D
It's easy to tell from the way you wrote this even haha, almost jumps right out the screen :3
Just enjoy the feeling one day at the time ;) You can worry a lifetime later...there's always time to worry! just enjoy today :D