I never imagined that this will happen. I have always thought that I will fulfill my marriage vows until the end. I realized that people, things, situations and feelings change.

I have always been cognizant of the fact that love is a choice. I have made my choice.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

I fell out of love with my wife but I stay for the sake
Of the children

I know the feeling. I fell out of love with my husband but I stayed for my daughter. Married 16 yrs. I've been in a relationship with another man I do love for almost 3 yrs. I tried ending it twice. But he's been my confidant my friend and my lover. It's funny because I'm happier with him we communicate in such a way that I wish my husband could. Living between two homes is exhausting. But I promised him that when my daughter goes off to college. 2more years I'll leave. I could have lived with the guilt of leaving a good man who means well. But just doesn't make me happy. But my daughter deserves two parent to at least get thru high school. My only fear is that my husband doesn't shoot me in my sleep. He feels we can work it out, we can't! We've been separately living together for the last 8-9 yrs, just keeping up appearances no kisses no sex no signs of any physical affection. He and I had sex a year ago ( I was horny ) on a break with my boyfriend. It was generic. And the time before that I can't remember. Everything you do is a choice. Just choose wisely.