About The Charachter Of Senefru

Senefru was the king that built the first true pyramid known as the Red Pyramid.

As the story goes Senefru was on his boat on the Nile. He summoned forth a hand maiden. In her haste to be presentable her hair comb fell into the Nile. Senefru ordered his boat to stop. He then parted the waters of the Nile. Climbing off the boat he walked into the mud and retrieved her comb. Then he came back aboard mud on his feet and commanded the waters to close. He then gave his handmaid her comb. Then he continued his trip down the Nile

He was remembered as a wise and good king and this legend reflects on his good character. Can you imagine a king who was considered a god getting mud on his feet for a simple servant!
TutmoseIII TutmoseIII
66-70, M
May 13, 2012