hi, before anything, i want to apologise for mi spelling because this isnt mi first lenguage, but any way, for those who can go to college (or send their kids) but dont have alot of money, i have the solution, a decent college cost like 15000 dollars in US, but with a lot less than that you can buy a plane ticket to Argentina, and study here completly free in excelent universitys, of course you will spend money getting an apartment, food, and stuff, but you will do it too in a US university, and here we have goberment plans to save money on rent and stuff and a lot of "student care package" (including a laptop and montly money), plus the healt is compleatly public, so not spending on that. so, long story short, you save a lot of money, get excelent education, lern spanish and know another country (wich counts on the "curriculum vittae" to get a job).
plus you enjoy all the things like a turist as long as you are on college, local music and muvies (we win a lot of oscars, and we have musicians famous on the hole world) local food (awesome, bariate), and the hole cultural things.
so think it
Nickdausu Nickdausu
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014