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What Is Fascination?

When I first started this particular experience I was pulled up by a few of the members for the selection of title. I can well understand their viewpoint in this day and age. Those who have received some of my comments will appreciate that I have often referred to the change of attitude towards the 'theft' or 'death' of many good and common words in our language. Unfortunately what I call 'twisted minds' have done a lot of damage to innocent expression of non-sexual statements, especially when referring to minors. We as adults should realise that these people are very much in the minority.

I am FASCINATED by quite a number of subjects, but none more so than those aspects relaing to my culture, heritage, customs and history which causes my ATTRACTION to encourage youth to be proud to wear the tartan and so continue what we have been part of for decades. My personal early experiences as I have related were very unfortunate, but due to the support and example of my parents an my friends I learnt to overcome fears inflicted by those who were driven by jealousy.and devious ideas.

I am still very passionate about wearing my kilts, and am always happy to see youngsters, youths, teenagers and any other males who wear highland dress, but what stirs my heart most is the ones who wear it as ordinary everyday dress and not just for that special occassion. The numbers of them I am happy to say are increasing and soon it could well be considered to be 'in the fashion'!
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To a point Tam I would agree! When first acquired I would say that if the kilt is high on the waist and the hem is just below the knee that is acceptable. However, when the hem of the kilt is touching the top of the hose it is unsightly. On the reverse when grown into and the top of the kilt is on the waist and the kilt is upto 2" above the knee, a new kilt is required. Would you not agree?

I just wish that more schools would encourage kilt wearing I must have been lucky as I have never had any bad comments about my kilt wearing perhaps because I wear one daily I agree that too many people wear the kilt too long it is OK on a boy as they will grow into it

I also agree with your statements. I was encouraged to continue wearing my kilt by my parents and also my friends. The others who teased and passed comments to try to embarrass me did not achieve anything. Continuing to wear my kilt to church on a Sunday and sometimes to school there were many ways to reduce the impact of the comments. I now look back and see that having gone through the process it does improve your personal confidence.<br />
<br />
Nowadays I wear my kilt often and try to lead by example. A number of young boys have decided to wear kilts because they see that I wear mine for a variety of occasions and also just as normal wear. They wear their kilts with pride and long may it continue. There is always a solution to the comments and questions.

May I say how much I agree with your statements above. I enjoyed, like you, the encouragement of my parents and friends when I started wearing the kilt and when I was subjected to ridicule by the jealous and devious people who are all around us even today. I will also do all in my power to encourage the young to be able to wear their kilts with pride as we eventually did and still do.