I am fortunate that my 3 grandsons love wearing the kilt I am so proud when we go somewhere wearing the kilt
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Goodonya Jaggythiste as I'm Partick Thistle as my big brother calls me.

no they are too young to go with out pants so they always have briefs on as they get older we will see what happens

Tam,<br />
I am of the same feeling with my two. The eldest is for ever telling his parents he wants to put his kilt on. The other day I was required to attend a physiotherapy session, and I was about to put on a pair of old trosers - Leon promptly wanted to know why, and when I tried prudently to explain decency I was promptly told by a 4 yr old - "Grandad you WILL wear your kilt, you are not indecent!" Now what does that tell you?

did as I was told, can't let the grandson down!