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How Weather Affects Our Activity

Look how this year the weather has drowned out most of the Scottish activity! Last week I attended a wedding where photography of scots youth would have been wonderful, but it poured with rain and outside pictures were a no no! Most of the men were in highland dress, and there was an excellent attendance of minors, all smartly attired in kilts. The amazing thing was it was the first time in years I observed ALL wearing kilts at the right length. The youngest was my two year old grandson, and though biased, he looked imaculate, matching his five year old brother and their father to a tee. I patiently await photographs of the event. Others attending were in their clan tartans, with a few hires in Silver Granite Tartan. The bridal party, however, chose to wear plain black, it was a shame! Especially when they could have chosen from quite a wealth of different setts. Buchanan, Graham of Montrose, Keith, Macdonald, Macfarlane, Robb personal, Robertson - I expect it was like looking at the range of jars in a sweetie shop. Never the less, despite the downpour they were a picture of highland heritage.

When the sun does shine, and we get the chance to wear our kilts, I find that the youngsters love to get outside and let everyone see them. They are genuinely so proud.

My two grandsons don't have to wait for a wedding, they just take it into their heads to wear their own kilts, and mum and dad encourage them.

Do others find the damp weather lets them down and consequently find their pride to dress up is deminished? Or are you like my two grandsons any weather, any excuse, is the time to put on a kilt?
ijarobb ijarobb 70+, M 3 Responses Oct 19, 2012

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I agree with ijarobb. However, the weight and thickness of the material also make the kilt extremely warm. If worn at the correct length, then with long wool socks it is just your knees that are exposed. Since they are bone they do not feel cold.

The weather does not stop me wearing my kilt.

I wear my kilt whatever the weather. Last winter I had to go to an event abroad where the temperature was -15 oC. This did not stop me from wearing my kilt. It was greatly appreciated by everyone.

I think weather is an excuse. The kilts always add colour to any event and the youngsters look great in their kilts (at the right length).

Macdi I would like some advice if you are still in the group.
I have been wearing the Kilt further south for 35 years.
I have only just got into 16 oz so I can continue wearing the Kilt full time in the Winter. With the High winds and temp dropping to below 38 F. I find it is a bit chilly and put on my Knicks.
How do you survive in your - 15 C. conditions.
I read a report of the Highland regiment in the Peninular War with brandy feezing in the bottle.
Does one wear some kind of wooly bear under slip ?
Does one look for a really heavy long coat ?
I find my calf length nylon Inverness Cape keeps lots of wind out , worn over my overcoat.
When it gets really Nippy the Nicks seem to warm the blood in my lower body.
Perhaps the answer is to go to 20 oz Military Kilt to get extra warmth. Then add a Kilt apron. Kiltiekid..25.1.16

The difference between residing where you do, and where we live is to d with humidity changes. You may have worn a kilt for 35 years, but you weren't brought up to wear it. I still find the kilt warm to wear in winter, and cool in summer. I would suggest you refer back to your schooboy chemistry notes - warm ir rises and cod air falls. The answer is to forget the temperature and go back to your original practice. I

If you wear a 8 yard 16oz kilt you should never feel cold. I wore my kilts over the festive period but returned to trousers when I went back to work. They felt cold!

I have worn my kilt abroad when the temperature is well below freezing. It was still warm - infact I was the warmest person in our group. Fortunately what is worn under the kilt makes little difference - except if nicks are too thick you will overheat!

Any weather is good for the kilt


I'm well aware you are a man after my own heart.