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today children are forgetting family traditions. facebook instead of story time. text instead of post. but i think the most important is no underwear under kilts. when my children are going out they must first get inspected. i dress the younger twins. april (my youngest) starts by standing naked. then i get her top and put it on her. then i get her tartan skirt and put it on her. then socks and shoes. then she stands in the cornor waiting for inspection. conor (my next youngest) starts by standing nude. then i put the socks, flashes, shoes, and shirt on him. then i get the kilt and put it on him followed by the sporran. then he stands in the cornor with april. ciara also stands in the cornor but dresses herself and the same with james. then the inspection bigins. the girls must let me raise the back of their skirts and let me rub along to make sure they are not wearing underwear (this is important to make sure no thongs). then they raise the front and i stick my finger into their vagina to make sure they are not wearing a tampon. finally they unbutton their tops to show they are not wearing bras. then the boys must raise the back and let me investigate. then the front where i search the front, raise the penis, role up the foreskin. then i check the sporran. if anybody breaks the rules they can expect a thrashing. thanks for watching.
mikewatson1990 mikewatson1990 18-21, M 7 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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you are a b****y pervert

It looks as if we may need to add mrscottwatson, kiltman4000 and Mactavish1 to the list.

that is disgusting. i wore a kilt for 20 years and i never once went without undergarments and i will never force my child to either. also that check of finguring your daughter. who votes to have him kicked off.

<p>And let's not forget about nickmac1930 or maymac1990 either.</P>

Sorry - I missed out sluttygirl1990 as well.

excuse me tartanpleats. i am annoyed by how you think i am soldier1990 and highlanddancer markleader and mikewatson1990. yes i am kylemac95 and kylemac1990 but they never did anything out of the way to this group. i don't think that i have ever met the others but i can assure you none of them are me. please unblock me and maybe we can come to an understanding

What a load of rubbish. Why don't you mikewatson1990/ kylemac95/ soldier1990/ kylemac1990/ markleader/ highlanddancer, and all the other names you post under, just go away and peddle your **** elsewhere.