Colour Makes A Difference

Colour was one of the first things I recall noticing when I was young be it the colour of the seasons  like a golden Fall, the colour of the houses where I live (bricks have different colours) or that of my friends clothes that I, like many, wanted to 'borrow'.

I've always had a facination for pink but it is one the hardest colours to match up as every shade of it is different (baby pink doesn't go with dusty) and same goes with blues as well from the navy blue of your school skirt to the really dark blues that border on black for their luminence.

If I were to desribe the colours of my 'perfect day' it would be a light blue sky with a golden sun streaming over the green lush grass of a field where i'd go walking on vacation while wearing a pink t shirt and tailored white shorts. On the path woulld be wild flowers in glowing yellow and crimson red with orangy buttterflies hovering over followed by yellow and brown bees. In the distance would be the hazy blue of a nearby mountain.

Now that's beautiful, eh?

CarolineBelinda CarolineBelinda
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2010