New Research Into Homosexuality

There has been more research into homosexuality. Recent research has suggested that gay and straight men respond differently to pheromones. The research showed that when both heterosexual women (lesbians were included in the study, but the results regarding them were "somewhat confused") and gay men were exposed to a testosterone derivative found in men's sweat, a region in the hypothalamus was activated. Heterosexual men, on the other hand, had a similar response to an estrogen-like compound found in women's urine. The conclusion is that sexual attraction, whether same-sex or opposite-sex oriented, operates similarly on a biological level.

Scientists have also found that there may be a link between being left handed and being gay. They found that there is a 31% higher chance of being left handed in homosexuals than that in hetrosexuals. Scientists have also discovered that in twins, where one twin is gay, there is a 60% chance that the other twin will also be gay. This research into a genetic link to homosexuality has been further strengthened by the ability to make female mice become lesbians by altering a gene.

All of this research is making very slow advances and many gay people are not in support of it because they fear that, in the future, if a test becomes available to prove homosexuality, especially in countries where homosexuality is illegal, it will give people more power to persecute gay people.
Another issue raised by the potential discovery of a genetic marker for homosexuality is the eventual ability to abort babies based on their sexual orientation. There is also no doubt of the impact it would have on the different religions and their organisations. I wonder if evidence proving a genetic link to homosexuality ever does become available, will we get to hear about it or will it be kept hush hush by the powers that be?
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Have you seen or looked for information that points to all the toxins in our foods and medicine playing apart with how we think and how it affects our sexual thinking?

no but that's a really interesting thought :)

I am not disregarding God's rule, I understand that God will make his decision regardless of what I say or do, so I don't see the need to get involved. All I am saying is that if this is a sin, then there is much worse sin in the world than this.... Muderers, paedophiles, people who abuse animals, assult the elderly and vulnerable and steel from them. It is a sin to covet your neighboir and every day all of us are guilty of that one. Christians so often jump up on their high horse because they think they are so good and righteous, too busy pointing the finger at someone.... unmarried mothers, homosexuals, woman who have abortions, they forget to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

We are not name calling. The homosexual is a precious person for whom Christ died. But a lot of people, even people we find lovable, are on the wrong track. And we do not have the right to overrule God on what behavior is moral or immoral. <br />
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The Catholic church departed from previous custom and disregarded this Biblical illumination behind the scenes in recent decades, and the cost has been staggering.

I am not reopening it, just trying to explain why I believe what I do. If you are saying that homosexual acts are perverted and immoral then necessarily, you are stating that the Homosexual is an immoral perverted person. I cannot say that so again I have to agree to disagree with you on this one CC.

"(other than being celebate and would you find that easy?)" Sex is not a necessity of life. I do in fact know from experience that I can be celibate as much as I need to be. It is not an agreeable or easy situation to find one's self in, but it can be endured. And marrying the wrong person is not an agreeable or easy situation to be in.<br />
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I understand his mother's trauma. I do not agree with her disowning him. You cannot assume that would be the course of everybody "who does not support homosexuality." I know my morally conservative pastor would never do anything but steer a parent away from such a course of conduct toward a child.<br />
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You said you wanted to agree to disagree but you are reopening it. I do not wish to address your friend as "pervert" or otherwise show unkindness to him. Again I will insist that it is wrong to demand that we view homosexual acts as being not immoral and as being not perverted. Robbo, you're a wonderful person, and you know I love you. But you are not out of our league in conscientiousness and compassion. We are as well grounded in these things as you are.

I have a Gay friend who I have known since childhood and we are very close. He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, but it was clear that he was "different" even as a child. As we stand he is happy and settled with a long term partner and had a civil ceremony to acknowlege this. He has been totally disowned by a large portion of his family, including his own mother, who does not support homosexuality. My friend is also an activist for many charities and is extremely moral over which companies he buys from, he doesn't get bitter over his family, just shrugs his shoulders and says "They have their beliefs and I have mine" He has had to make huge sacrafices to live his life, so I don't for one minute believe that he has chosen his life, he was born that way, and at present he has no other choices. (other than being celebate and would you find that easy?) My story simply highlights the need for further research to go ahead and for people to stop sweeping it all under the carpet and insinuating that Gay people are immoral perverts. My friend definitly isn't and neither are most Gay people.

Robbo, if you say you want to agree to disagree on this issue of right and wrong I'm willing to stop debating it. But I am going to surprise you by being tough. I will not agree to disagree about insisting that the people on the other side from you are necessarily persecutors or people motivated by fear and ignorance rather than thoughtful conscientious and loving people. The former is not an accurate desc<x>ription of me or most of the people I know who disapprove of homosexuality. We have set forth a strong case that requires you to acknowledge that the progressive propaganda against morally conservative people--part of which is premised on claiming we misrepresent the Bible to be harder than we have to be on homosexuality-- is slanderous. And the truth of the matter is these same progressives whose arguments you have taken to heart would desire to mow you down because you want children raised by mother/father couples. Any dissent on any aspect of the gay agenda is regarded as absolutely intolerable and reprehensible and deserving of punishment by the progressives. This is NOT goodness on the march. These days in the West the real persecution is coming from the homosexuals and their allies. I do wonder sometimes if I will have to go to prison a few decades from now or even sooner for my beliefs. <br />
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Now that's off my chest.

Some people are mentally scarred by what other people do and say to them and that prevents them getting close to God. I know that gentleness if far more effective in allowing certain people to heal so I choose to take a far more pragmatic approach to these things. If I am accused of brushing the whole gay thing under the carpet so be it, if gay people want to get close to God they should be welcomed, they can take their own troubles to God in their own time and we should lay off with judging and trust that God will decide, regardless of what we say or do.<br />
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Maybe it is time to put this discussion to bed and agree to disagree, some things we will never agree on.

"if it was one of the worse sins, why was it not included in the ten commandments?" Lots of things aren't in the Ten Commandments. ******, rape. They aren't to be regarded as all-inclusive because so many other commandments are given. As for why it';s not in the Decalogue, probably because the Decalogue limits uiitself to very common sins that appeal to broad segments of mankind like homosexuality has not appealed in most cultures. <br />
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"I have not seen where the Bible singles it out as worse than any other sin " Well then you need to go back and read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember this : sc<x>ripture interprets sc<x>ripture. Jude 7 removes any doubt about the relationship of homosexualty to the judgement on those cities. And archaeologists have found two catastrophically destroyed cities where Sodom and Gomorrah should be. They no longer dismiss the Bible account as whole cloth. Jesus referred to them several times. In Leviticus 20 homosexual acts are referred to as an "abomination". Adultery is not, though punished with the same severity. Paul a couple of times includes homosexual acts in lists of particularly serious sins.<br />
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"it actually pushes people away from God." Sometimes the truth elicits a response of rejection of hardening of heart from people. But the job given to the church is not to scheme about how we can pick and choose from God's revelation to synthesize a message that will sell. Our charge is to be faithful to God. It is "God who causes the growth" (I Cor. 3:7) of his Kingdom, not us.<br />
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"""Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself."<br />
By neighbour, that means everyone, homosexuals, criminals, the most needy and down and out especially, regardless of the sins that they have or have not commited." Can you demonstrate that I have not kept that commandment in this context?

There is much truth in that, Dreammmer, but you must remember that many people's response to Jesus Himself in person was hardening of the heart.

I accept that the Bible does clearly state that homosexuality is sinful but I have not seen where the Bible singles it out as worse than any other sin and really, if it was one of the worse sins, why was it not included in the ten commandments? All of this causes scope for so much confusion and so much debate and it actually pushes people away from God. Jesus in response to the question what is the greatest commandment replied:<br />
<br />
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself."<br />
<br />
By neighbour, that means everyone, homosexuals, criminals, the most needy and down and out especially, regardless of the sins that they have or have not commited. I think the best thing we can do to show our love for God is to bring as many people as you can to begin their own personal relationship with him, for me that means primarily preaching about Gods love and acceptance of us first and formost and not of judgement, hell and damnation because if there is one thing that will have people running away from salvation then that would be it.

In response to "I don't understand the importance that a lot of Christians place on homosexuality, they seem to single it out and who are we to judge that one sin is worse than any other sin that the Bible talks about?" First of all, the Bible never says all sins are equal. Studying the Bible continually will enable you to get a good bead on which sins are more serious than others. There is clear Biblical data that homosexual activity is worse than ordinary fornication, although the latter is gravely serious. As for importance Christians place on homosexuality, robbo, you must understand it is in large part a necessary reaction to outside pressure. Progressives clearly dislike Christians' disapproval of premarital sex, but they are not putting a lot of pressure on us to change that doctrine. They are putting pressure on us to condone homosexuality. <br />
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Another factor is that homosexual sin is more dangerous because the people who induldge it are likely to fall into a long-term lifestyle that puts them in a state of rebellion against God, which is different from being imperfect and committing sins here and there as we all do. The Bible calls this "practicing sin." On the other hand, most heterosexual fornicators do eventually end up settling down and getting married. So in one sense Christians really should be more distressed over the promotion of homosexuality than over the promotion of premarital sex. But is there a problem with a lot of churches and ministers "giving up" on the issue of straight fornication because it's so pervasive? Yes. You will find that on EP I have eloquently and earnestly spoken against premarital sex and for chastity. In the US there was a big movement for "True love waits" or something like that among Christians. Like all movements it ran its course. I hope somebody will start another such movement.<br />
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As for "this persecution," by making this characterization, robbo, you are succumbing to the pro-gay propaganda you have been flooded with. It is not persecution to say something is wrong, immoral, and even damnable. It is not persecution to oppose giving a set of people defined by a particular behavior special legal status. You don't consider yourself to be persecuting when you criticize the wife-sharing brigade of EP, do you? They would characterize it that way if you asked them. But that is manipulation to coerce people into acquiescence in what they wish to do, a tactic employed not by the gay lobby alone..<br />
<br />
"more emphasis would be placed upon other sin which largely, nothing is said about" That may be your impression, but I think it cannot be said to be true of any set of Christians other than the isloated Westboro church, which is as discredited in the eyes of American Christians as it is in the eyes of unbelievers.<br />
<br />
So please understand that my response to homosexuality is not aesthetic in nature or prejudice but something I have long and carefully and conscientiously considered. Two homosexuals who came into my life through Providence at last report had turned away from the homosexual lifestyle, partly because of my kind and truth-maintaining influence.<br />
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There is furthermore plenty of evidence other than sc<x>ripture and the traditions of most cultures against homosexuality. Someone wrote a book on the case from reason against homosexuality, a Jewish non-Christian, I believe.

Yes a different forum should be used to discuss this I suppose, but since you ask, I am suspicious of people who believe every tiny detail that is written in the Bible and apply it to their life without question. That is how fundamentalists are born and it is very dangerous.<br />
I believe that the relationship one has with God should be a personal one, one which has come about by making an intelligent, informed choice and where you follow your own conscious about what is right and wrong. <br />
I became a Christian not like most people, "because my parents are, or because everyone in my community is and I think that it's the right thing to do" but because I looked into every other major religion and still think that Christianity holds the most truth, however there are still elements where I feel it doesn't sit right with me and I pray for clarity on this to help strengthen my belief.<br />
I don't understand the importance that a lot of Christians place on homosexuality, they seem to single it out and who are we to judge that one sin is worse than any other sin that the Bible talks about?<br />
In my view, this persecution stems from fear and misunderstanding rather than a deep seated belief in what is right and wrong because, if this wasn't the case, more emphasis would be placed upon other sin which largely, nothing is said about.

I do not support everything that is in the Bible even though I accept that Jesus is our saviour.

Katysboy: They have also found a "fat gene" too. Not everyone who is over weight is so because of bad lifestyle choices.

The gene you are referring to would be increasing one's vulnerability to being overweight, not predetermining an overweight outcome. The distinction is important.
Even so-called breast cancer genes do not mean someone cannot avoid getting breast cancer.

The University of Toronto is currently conducting a study into siblings who are both gay / lesbian. I find this really interesting, because my daughter is lesbian and my son is gay. Their father is bisexual and I am just plain boring & straight. I would love to know what comes out of this study.

nature vs nurture, I believe it is a combination. I believe alot of males become gay because older boys "played doctor" with them when they were young. A simple answer to a complex issue I know. Question If a man drinks alot of beer, eats alot of fatty food gets no excercise and is overweight is his<br />
children gonna grow up fat because of genitic disposition or because they follow their dads life style?

There is clear empirical data that molestation of children, especially homosexual molestation, is linked to p[eople growing up to be homosexuals.

We should celebrate our differences and accept that everyone has a right to have their opinion. Maybe I'm cynical but I don't think it will be all that long before this story gets some extreme comments. There will either be someone pop along and have a go at some "Gay bashing" or they will strongly oppose my comments and tell me I'm a "Gay basher" It's only a matter of time lol!

Well that depends how you define "acceptable". Personally I believe that anything that takes place between two consenting adults, in privacy, who have the ability to assess all the other options as "acceptable".That said, I don't want to see any more than a peck on the cheek as I walk down the street. There again I don't like to see hetrosexual couples doing anything either! Flaunting sexual behaviour in public, in my opinion, is never acceptable. I am against all the talk of sex education for our children beyond what has always been done in secondary schools. I think that part of the problem why we have high teenage pregnancies is because kids today know too much and they are not emotionally developed to deal with what they know, nor mature enough to deal with the consequences. Gays should be allowed to get married but not raise children. This is because I believe that there are differences between men and women that children need for the best development. I don't think homosexuals should have the right to change what nature would normally do. God also must think that way because gays cannot reproduce alone.

This should be about choice. I believe that Gay people are the way they are because of genes. In the same way that a down syndrome baby is born with an extra chromosome. We accept that the downs syndrome person is not "normal" in that we have a diagnosis. A diagnosis is good because we now know enough about the side effects of the condition to offer choices and make life as comfortable as possible for them.<br />
Gay people do not have any choices. Society is forcing us to accept that they are "normal" but really we are forcing everyone to live a lie and we are also limiting choices. Most Gays are happy living their lives and certainly have a right not to be persecuted but what if we could offer them a cure? What if we could enable them to form a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex and have children the way nature intended? They might not want to do that and of course, that should be fine too but shouldn't they be given the choice? This research should not be quashed!

Yes, there are treatments. That is why the gay lobby is so desperate to discredit all ex-gays. They want it not to be known.

It is indeed a double edged sword I suppose. These discoveries could prove homosexuality is not a choice and than one has no power over their sexual orientation so it should ideally help to end the discrimination against gay people and debunk the notion that they choose to live in what is considered an unfavorable lifestyle by fundamentalists. Yet, as you said it could also be used to further persecute and discriminate against gay people...even preventing someone being born if it is proven they have the "gay gene" in vitero. However homosexuality appears to be becoming more and more accepted at least among Western countries. Hopefully by the time they discover the gene this will be the general consensus and this knowledge being used to further persecute homosexuals will not be an issue.