My Love of Genetics

Well i always wanted to go into science. It has always intrested me. I like gentics b/c it combines chemistry, biology, and i think like a mad scientist, and many see genetics as playing god, and i say, all the more reason to do it. From artifically creating new bactria to palying around with human genes, it all sounds great!

The field of genetics is also one of the fastest growing b/c until now we were not able to have acess to technology like we do today inorder to do many of the things with DNA. there are sooo many things i wanna talk about, but in science, never tell to much of your ideas before you are almost complete with them, b/c other people may steal your ideas.

Iame Iame
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2008

Could you cross a horse and a human to make a centaur

yeah well i do tell lots of my secrets to ppl i talk to IRL, but they aren't gentics majors they are like vet majors, ext. and they can't really steal any of them, but in here with a bunch of ppl who like genetics, i wouldn't be suprised if a research scientist stumbled into this group.

I find genetics pretty interesting too. I mean, if you can do it better than god, then why not? That's a really good piece of advice, to keep your ideas secret. I'l keep that in mind!