Inquisitive, I just love the word itself. I love the machinery of the human self.
Sometimes I like to be alone in a crowd. I take my notebook and sit away from everyone else and just watch and take notes.

When I was younger and frequented more house parties, I use to like to hide in the house with my notebook. My favorite place was to sit in the tub and pull the shower curtain enough to cover my presence. Sometimes I would hide in a tree outside, or in my car in the driveway, behind boxes in a garage.
You'd be surprised all the things that go on in a bathroom at a party. I did find myself holding my breath when actual urination occured but no place is perfect.

One thing I found common among the peers, everybody talked  about everybody else.  It would amaze me the way people would group off and regroup. Some people would just bring in group after group and talk about people in the group they had just left with.  I'd like to think that the age of the crowd had a lot to do with some of the behavior, 18-25 at the time. It would be interesting to have a series of parties with the same people 10 years down the line and rehide in the tub....see what changesoccur, if any.
36-40, F
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LOL, remind me to look behind the curtain the next time I'm at a party! :-D