Interactionons- Part 2

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If you haven't read "interactions" then this may not make sense. I promise I will correct the formating on "interactions".

This post is based on a question from the "interactions" post.

There is an "x" factor that goes with personality types. That factor is self-confidence. I define self-confidence as how well a person recognizes their own flaws and vulnerabilities. A person who doesn't let these get in their way of their desires has high self-confidence. Not cocky but sure of themself.

A 5 isn't aware of themself. They blame everyone else.
A 6 is somewhat aware and tries to hide everything.
A 7 is aware and still tries to hide the most hurtful flaws or vulnerabilities. If confronted then it's everyone elses fault.
An 8 is aware and has minimized most of the smaller flaws and dealt with some vulnerabilites. Yet they can't seem to deal with the larger ones. If confronted they abandon the issue and you are a 4 letter word for bringing it up.

A 9 has handled the flaws. They recognize them and see that they are part of who they are. They have dealt with vulnerabilities to the point that they no longer exist or are so minimized they hardly ever think about them. If confronted a nine will state that it is who they are and what made them unique.

So with that understanding along with the personality traits shown in "interactions" let's see a dynamic.

Let's say we have three 7's and three 8's in a college group project for a class. This dynamic can be placed anywhere. Work, school, mall, etc. This example just makes it easier later on in this post.

Now, we have the personality of the 7's and 8's along with an "x" factor.
This "x" will break them down again. What we will have is a more and less confident 7 or 8. A less confident will be a 7.1 or 8.3.
A more confident would be a 7.7 or 8.9.

So let's say we have a 7.2 a 7.5 and a 7.8. Then we have an 8.3, 8.5, and 8.8 in our group.
The 7's and 8's will become a clique within the group as they relate to each other. So within the group of 6 we have two cliques of 3.

The most dominant of these two groups will fight for leadership of the entire group. The 8.8 will win because he is more confident in himself. This will slide him into a 9 role. The 7.8 will still try to dominate but the other two 8's will prevent it as they also want to be the status of leadership. The 8.8 will give small leadership to the lower two but only if it secures his position. He will not willingly give it up.

The 7's will willingly follow the 8's as they will see the 8's as raising their status to all other groups. They will name drop to others they meet outside the group they are assigned to.
Among the 7's they will try to one up eachother with stories and projects. Each trying to raise their status to leader of the clique.
7.2 will get along with 8.3 in the group setting. But will put down 8.3 amongst the clique. The reason is 8.3 is closest to a 7 so 7.3 identifies most closely with 8.3.
The same may or may not happen with the other two. There always seems to be one a group secretly hates.

The highest 7 may learn enough that he slides into a base 8 status. It will depend on how much exposure he gets. Acceptance into the 8 group will be his graduation.

If not he will try to force his way in. This can happen in various ways. The simplest way is to unseat another 8 by public admonishment. Let's say he goes for the 8.3 and the conversation goes such as this:

7.8: "Nice shirt, I had one like that in elementary school."

With that comment other 8's are not going to tolerate it in many cases. In a few they may sit back and watch to see if he can hold his position in the clique.

8.3: "So what happened to you? You lose your sense of style in toys r us?"

With that comment return he held his 8 status and kept the 7 in his place and outside the 8 clique.

Now let's take our dynamic a little further. Let's combine our group of 6 with another like group of 6.
The 8 that gained 9 status will lose his 9 status if another 8 has more confidence in himself. So an 8.7 will lose to an 8.8 or 8.9. This can happen knowingly or unknowingly.

The same will happen to our 7 that made it an 8. If the new 8's do not approve of his new status they will reject him back to a 7.9 status. His only saving grace is if the other three 8's vouch for his new status. He will begrudginly accepted yet may later be sent back to 7 status.

The lowest 7 will try to force their way into the 8 clique by reverting back to 6 status. This will cost him being rejected by the other 7's and all the 8's. He may be tolerated for a short time. The only saviors are other low 7's.

You may have expierances within your own life of this dynamic happening. If you watch any group meeting another group you can see it play out. It can literally happen within minutes of two groups meeting. It can also happen over long periods time.
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