Let Us Be Grateful To The Mirror For Revealing To Us Only Our Appearance.

This story was spawn from a story written by "Knighted". He explains his scale, which is based on the basic human desire to be accepted by peers. It reminded me of oldest daughter who is struggling to find herself as she trudges through her teenage years. She has become a bit socially awkward and has chosen a coping mechanism, which I NEVER in a million years would have guessed a child of mine would adopt. This got my cranial gears cranking as I related the Seven Deadly  Sins to each Tarot card and then to the scale in the brilliant story that was recently written by Knighted. I began to put labels on people I know; in relation to the Tarot card, I thought best fit them.... I want to thank you Knighted.... This was fun! I hope you enjoy.... 

One: Reformer, Liberator, Critic, Perfectionist... primarily driven by anger. This type focuses on integrity or rather, what they perceive to be veracious in their own personal reality. Ones can be wise, discerning and inspiring in their quest for the truth. They are the eager new apprentice with something to prove. They want to make a name for themselves and are not opposed to doing it the hard way, if it gets the job done. They tend to be a bit reckless at times because they allow their strong emotions lead the way. They also tend to dissociate themselves from their flaws and can become cynical, hypocritical and disapproving of others, seeking the illusion of virtue to hide their own vices. The One's greatest fear is to be flawed and their ultimate goal is perfection.

Two: Helper, Giver, Caretaker, Nurturer...  Twos can be excessively proud at times, and could easily be stuck using their pride as their foremost coping mechanism. Twos, at their best, are compassionate, thoughtful and astonishingly generous. They avoid their own problems by compartmentalizing, keeping order and making sure that everything “goes with the flow”. They avoid confrontation and are often so compelled to help others that they feel immense amount of guilt and selfishness if they are unable to help someone in need. They need to be able to detect sincerity because they tend to be sought out by people who want to take advantage of their good nature.  When they become exploited, they can harbor feelings of resentment, which can make them prone to passive-aggressive behavior, clinginess and manipulation. Twos want, above all, to be loved and needed and fear being unworthy of love.

Three: Achiever, Performer, Succeeder, Networker... A three is a pleaser, they will bend over backward to make anyone happy especially those who have more power and clout than they do. Threes can easily allow their desire to please, lead them to deceive others, causing their most fundamental coping mechanism de deception. Threes are the yes-men in the office or the brown nosing teacher’s pet in class. Because they are so eager to please, it is not uncommon for them to lack their own sense of self-identification.  Highly adaptable and intuitive, this type is the chameleon that will mutate their way into belonging. Some walk the world with confidence and unstinting authenticity; others wear a series of public masks, acting the way they think will bring them approval and never quite develop any sense of true self. Threes fear being worthless and strive to be valuable.

Four: Romantic, Individualist, Artist, Dreamer... A Four’s main weakness is envy, which often turns their finger out into the world, inflicting blame. Driven by a fear that they have no identity or personal significance, Fours embrace individualism and are often profoundly creative. However, they compartmentalize and could develop a habit of withdrawing to internalize, searching desperately inside themselves for something they never find and creating a spiral of depression. The angst-filled musician or tortured, suicidal artist, whose work will go unappreciated until their untimely demise, is often a stereotypical Four. What a four fears most is that they are, or will become simple and ordinary, instead of exceedingly eccentric as they so desperately aim to be.

Five: Observer, Thinker, Investigator, Loner… Fives internal character flaw should be classified as avarice to follow the “Seven Deadly Sins” theme of this list.  Believing they are only worth what they contribute, and often fall into a mindset where the contributions they put forth hold more value than anyone else who contributes. Fives are misers and closely resemble characters like Scrooge and the Grinch. They enjoy the freedom and ability to express their keenly observant intellect.  withdraw, to watch with keen eyes and speak only when they can shake the world with their brilliant observations. Sometimes they do just that. Often, instead, they withdraw from the world, becoming reclusive hermits and fending off social contact with abrasive cynicism. Fives fear incompetency or uselessness and want to be qualified above all else.

Six: Loyalist, Devil's Advocate, Defender, Opponent… Sixes long for stability above all else and predominantly rely on their fear to cope. They exhibit unwavering loyalty and responsibility, but are prone to extreme anxiety and passive-aggressive behavior. Their greatest fear is to lack support and guidance, much like a robot needs to be told what to do… So does a six. There are two types of sixes, anxious and confrontational. Anxious sixes will have a tendency to run from or hide from what they fear, another type who sticks their heads in the sand when the going gets tough. While a confrontational six is more likely to defy and/or challenge said fear.

Seven: Enthusiast, Adventurer, Materialist, Collector...The Seven is driven by Gluttony. Eternal Peter Pans, Sevens flit from one activity to another. Above all they fear being unable to provide for themselves. At their best, they embrace life for its varied joys and wonders and truly live in the moment; but at their worst, they dash frantically from one new experience to another, leaving the unfinished mess of the previous experience in his place, and being too scared of disappointment to enjoy what they have. The most relevant fear is poverty and loss of social status.

Eight: Leader, Protector, GaurdChallenger... Lust is an avenue regularly taken by an Eight to cope. Eights worry about self-protection and controlling their environment. Natural leaders, who are more than capable and even passionate but could also end up manipulative, ruthless and willing to destroy anything and everything in their way. An Eight knows no limits when it comes to procuring that which they covet. Eights seek control over their own life and their own destiny. They would rather give up control of the entire world if they were given eternal control over their own existence. Eights are paralyzed by fear, at the mere hint of domination, because domination equals a lack of control, which makes them inferior. In other words, Eights are terrified when they lose control, and seek out, above all else, power and influence.

Nine: Mediator, Peacemaker, Preservationist, Referee... Sloth is the Nine’s weakness, that can be the most destructive. Nines are governed by their immense empathy. At their best they are perceptive, receptive, gentle, calming and at peace with the world. On the other hand, they prefer to dissociate from conflicts and indifferently go along with others' wishes or simply withdraw, acting via inaction. They fear the conflict caused by their ability to simultaneously understand opposing points of view and seek peace of mind above all else. 
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Very true. Tribute is the word I was looking for. Had little time earlier to post and couldn't think of the word.

I think that everyone has been through each and every one of these classifications at some point in our lives... the trick is not relying on the destructive coping mechanisms, if you are able to steer clear of them... Well like you said, there aren't any 10's out there as of yet... As for your tribute, I believe in giving credit where credit is due...

Wow, I think I have been through each and every one of these classes you have portrayed. Thanks for mentioning me as your inspiration. It wasn't necessary, but I do appreciate it. Hope we can play off eachothers thoughts in the future to gain more insight.<br />
Hope things work out with your daughter. It took me a while to break my son out of his cycle.