the Patients Human Rights

This is a rough draft of The Patients Human Rights Bill  being developed by The International Writers Association. What should be added to this list. Do you have any suggestions?

              The Patients Human Rights

        The Human Rights that have been forgotten by  the dysfunction and complications of the American health care system.

    •     The patient is protected by constitutional, human and civil rights until the moment of death.  Therefore by these laws the doctors can not remove cells, parts of the body or conduct experiments on comatose patients without permission from the patient.

    •     The dying patients room is sacrosanct. A sanctuary where nurses and doctors are not dominate. Only the compassionate and humble may gain admission.
    •       The patients are entitle, because their tax and insurance pay for everything connected with the health care ,  to have a have a comfortable room with a home like setting.  Color beds, soft comfortable chairs, colored window drapes. drapes, towels,cabinets, rooms and floor tile that are conducive to the patients health and the medical personals physiological well being.
    •    Notes:  The hospitals rooms now  are  cold, dry, hungry, sterile, clinical that have  create an atmosphere of  subtle oppress  for the patients,  their families, visitors and hospital personal.
    •      Those  cheap embarrassing gowns, with the open back, that are a constant reminder of  the patients  second class citizen status, must go. 
    •       The patient or legally authorized surrogate must receive sufficient information to comprehend their medical condition.

    •          Wnen a nurse sees something that is detrimental to the patients heath and fails to report it she be comes part of that crime and should be held responsible for the injury to the patient,  in violation of The Nurses Code of Ethics. 
    •    The right to be on the same statues level as the other hospital personal.
    •         Protection from Needle-stick infected physicians, nurses and other hospital personal that have been infected but may not know they have been infected.   A law requiring that hospital personal provide their patients with a environment that are free of known dangers.

    •    The patients have a say so in hospital polices because they are the ones that pay the medical personal salaries.
    •      Each patient has the right to self-determination,
    •    the process by which a person controls their own life.
    •    •     empowerment, advocacy, safety,
      are the goals of the new patients

  . Hospital management must assure the patient that  only the medical personal that possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies are allowed to the practice of medicine.

    •    Nurses should not remain employed in facilities that routinely violate patient rights or require nurses to severely and repeatedly compromise standards of practice or personal morality.

   And, the patient feel that they should be greeted by name by anyone who enters enters their room.   The patients say that  since their it is tax money and  insurance money pays for the room: it is his room.  It is not just the domain of  doctors and nurses.   The room also belongs to the family.   The colorful decoration is as much for them as it is for m

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