I Really, Truly Am.

Idk...sometimes I feel like I really am an outsider looking in on life because I tend to observe ppl and just wonder why...why do ppl do the things they do, you know? It really fascinates me. I mostly get this way when negative behavior is occuring tho. Like when ppl are arguing or fighting, I just observe while everyone around me is doing whatever they do. It can be kinda funny sometimes because it's so stupid.
Val3ntine Val3ntine
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

@ Weasel422, what that person did is so stupid....really stupid. lol I agree,staying to urself is the best way to go. <br />
@ mignightsuffer It's very entertaining, that's why I watch it lol

Just makes me shake my head at human stupidity and sometimes my own. Example: Someone tried to burn down the Skok Reservation police station last night when there are cameras everywhere because of the store/Shell station in front of it and people were around and saw him run. Plus there's a casino next to it that has security guards everywhere. OMG. I'm still chuckling. People are all about the destination and missing the journey. If they figured out that life is about the journey they would enjoy life a bit more. That's why I stay to myself, I hate drama and negativity. Drains my energy and makes it hard to re-charge.<br />