People Hate Looking In The Mirror

I once read somewhere that if you are stuck in the past, you are static and creating friction because life is always changing, always moving. And if you are creating friction then you create your own suffering and making yourself sick. You can't dance around the bad stuff, that's not life. Life is taking both the good and bad and dealing with it and moving on. Life is about the journey, not the destination. People forgot this and became materialistic and thinks they have better stuff than their neighbors. And that has made humans stupid and cold. They don't care about one another any more. They forgot what compassion means. Someone asked me if I could start all over because of my screwed up life, I said no. Why? Because than I would not be the person I am today. I may not have what's most precious, life. My 2 kids. All I went through made me the survivor I am today. Someone tells me I can't do something, I say watch. I may not have many friends but the few I do are honest because that's why people don't like me, I'm honest and blunt-straight to the point. Hate liars and fakes. I am me and if you don't like me and try to change who I am, then head down the road because I ain't got time for you. It took 44 years and a loud wake-up call 3 years ago to start learning what's important in life and I'm starting to like "me" again.
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it's an object of psychology, the mirror has been, anyway. now its a hygiene tool.

We have the past which cannot be changed. The future which we cannot make decisions in. Then we have the now, which is all we can work with.

Thank you hearmespeak. I used to not think this way but I got a loud wake up call 3 years ago. I grew up with nothing so why would I want it all now. I try to live my life just and treat others like I want to be treated.I'm content. I forgot to add one comment back to the hater. Blood does not make you family, the heart does. My family threw me away like the world but you know what? Today I can say I'm okay with that because they are the one's missing out. By the way this has nothing to do with religion, that causes the war and hate. It's about being spiritual and soulful.