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that i have been teaching about love & "playing the game" of getting what he wants and getting over past breakups. I am in the process of trying to understand his recent behavior of trying to get involved with a woman who humiliated him and now i think he is trying to go backwards..i see his pattern, but now i am in it too close...i dont think he can see clearly from a emotional viewpoint. He keeps saying that he cant stop thinking about his X and now me...yet wanting to have a relationship with the crazy chick...i have another plan for this...so far its working well...i will share after my friendship with him is completely over..and he is attached himself entirely to her and i have no worries about him being alone....strange huh? i am trying to write a book on all these men that i have gotten addicted to and their issues...so far i have 2 black marbled notebooks...even if i dont write the book...i have great memories...
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I agree that women hate "the game". The reason is that they later find that they have a guy they don't know. It was all an act of scripts and routines.<br />
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I now teach the new school of thought. Building a guy (or woman) to be their true self. Build a true relationship either romantic or platonic or whatever. It's real either way. <br />
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I agree with you that your student failed. Merely sleeping with this woman will not build a relationship. They may be sexual partners but the relationship will not have a foundation. It will be a house of cards so to speak.<br />
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I agree that life is a game also. People are either "makers" or "waiters". They either make things happen or wait for things to happen.

Very interesting Knighted..tho i disagree with your observation about the revenge (never thought of that one tho) I feel he is trying to validate himself but for the wrong reasons to prove that he is not a loser unfinidhed biz if you will BUT its with the wrong woman! She is VERY attainable..she throw herself at him before but he dumped her once for his X and twice for my friendship...now he wishes merely to **** her and to see IF they can work into a relationship..either way he's a failed student. he learned nothing from me.<br />
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i have been reading and i guess there are alot of women who hate "the game"...but i think life IS a game, its all in how a person wants to play..but each one of us it wanting something from life.

I also train on relationships and have seen this many times. What I have found in this action your student is taking is one of two reasons. Neither is healthy or good. One he is after revenge, win her over then humiliate her the same she did him. Second it can be a conquest for him. To validate himself on getting a woman that he saw as unattainable. I personally would not help him in that quest. The woman would be hurt and his own personal growth would be damaged.