In Response To The Auothor Of People Hate Looking In The Mirror

First of all i must say to be fascinated by human behavior makes no sense to me- that is not to say i don't notice it or analyze it usually when i have to or that i cannot tell you the why of my own behavior so no one mistake me for some completely clueless person with no self awareness.

But to be fascinated by human behavior at least to me is akin to being fascinated by human vomit, human excrement, human flatulence, menstrual blood the physical grossness of childbirth not the emotional meanings at which point the question becomes why oh why be fascinated by THAT?

And the author of the quoted material in the title gives me no reason to think i should be fascinated by anything humanity does including myself in fact it is a surprising specimen of why people would get their heads out of their own behinds once and awhile

"I once read somewhere that if you are stuck in the past, you are static and creating friction because life is always changing, always moving. And if you are creating friction then you create your own suffering and making yourself sick. You can't dance around the bad stuff, that's not life. Life is taking both the good and bad and dealing with it and moving on. Life is about the journey, not the destination. People forgot this and became materialistic and thinks they have better stuff than their neighbors. And that has made humans stupid and cold. They don't care about one another any more. They forgot what compassion means. Someone asked me if I could start all over because of my screwed up life, I said no. Why? Because than I would not be the person I am today. I may not have what's most precious, life. My 2 kids. All I went through made me the survivor I am today. Someone tells me I can't do something, I say watch. I may not have many friends but the few I do are honest because that's why people don't like me, I'm honest and blunt-straight to the point. Hate liars and fakes. I am me and if you don't like me and try to change who I am, then head down the road because I ain't got time for you. It took 44 years and a loud wake-up call 3 years ago to start learning what's important in life and I'm starting to like "me" again."

When i tried to point out to this person that people are not as materialistic as everyone thinks that it is more about having the 21st century tools to look for work, make sure kids do well in school, replacing old formats with new items i.e. cell phones taking the place of pay phones

When i pointed out that people are not selfish but self preservationist because they are FORCED to i was told, among other things people always have a choice and that no one was forced to do anything I said something along the lines of it was naive of them to think so that they were old enough to know better they fained ignorance at the last comment

and we got into this back and forth where they began deleting my comments because they wanted no debate of their story, they wanted no discussion of the content when i reconstructed the last comment i made on their story

they respond with a story about the head injury they have makes their vision blurry so of course they spelled my name wrong they have improper spelling due to learning disabilities that caused them to quit school in the the 10th grade and an excuse for something embodied in a broken finger

To which i responded with the already presented material on materialism and selfishness along with pointing out they were not that naive they just fained being so in order to bash others with their comment and the whole story really quoted one of their own lines seen above in the quoted material that is their story about doing things people tell them they can't and asked if they had gotten their GED yet if they were working on it as well as a primer on on how to copy and paste a persons user name so you don't have to spell it

they deleted my comment( along with all my other comments and their responses to me) so i came here to write a response rather than take a chance at getting banned because i did not stop posting comments to this dibble

First of all why don't you have enough self awareness or awareness of people to know that if a person is being an ***, immature or a jerk leaving their comments up is the best thing you can do same with the liars and the completely irrational they will trip themselves up so why not let them its less work for you?

"I once read somewhere that if you are stuck in the past, you are static and creating friction because life is always changing, always moving. And if you are creating friction then you create your own suffering and making yourself sick."

What a worthless pile of crap saying people create their own suffering tell that to rape victims, ****** survivors and watch how fast they light you on fire tell that to those who have murdered family members, spent years in prison for something they didn't do watch how fast they club you over the head at least willing to go to jail for something they did do

Life is about BOTH the journey and the destination too many forget there has to be a destination too otherwise its and endless wondering around that doesn't lead to a good story or a good ending leads to the life equivalent of "are we there yet"

Something i tried to tell the author and was ignored when i wasn't accused of spewing hate because i didn't like the premise of the story which while i'm at it seems to be in the wrong group because it has no real reflection on their behavior and is not a portrait of observed behavior by themselves or others

It seems they are the ones loathed to look in the mirror not society or people in general

They don't want to realize that the reasons behind behavior aren't always so cut and dry as materialism the scapegoat of the 21st century

They don't want to admit they betray their own "bad" behavior be being unwilling to debate the contents of their story and by deleting comments based on the fact they do not like them nothing more

They want to it seems live in a glass house yet throw stones calling me a hater accusing me of bashing them when that is what their story does

it claims this person has found a cosmic truth or perhaps their cosmic truth however it affords them nothing in interacting with the world they were cold and selfish in their comments lacking compassion or even a logical understanding of what was said

Look in the mirror at yourself before judging others
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wel what pissed me off is this person acts as if they have gotten some cosmic enlightenment <br />
<br />
then they have no idea what to do with a comment that challenges what they said other than refuse to dsicuss and delete <br />
<br />
prior to that their mini life story given to me out of frustration seemed more like a line of excuses rather than an explanation <br />
<br />
yet they seem to think they are somehow better than me

You are right in all you said.People today couldn't be bothered with you if you are of no use to them.Your last sentence is very very true.