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 I find observing the differences in human behavior really fascinating. Areas like  face reading, astrology, body language, psychology ..  they all seem interrelated in some way. The cause and effect ?

  I often why people do the things they do,  where their opinions and judgement really come from. Whether from their family upbringing, their own insecurities and feelings of self worth etc. We so often seem to assume how we're basically ok and it's them who are the hypocrites, how our egos are always in the way of  finding real and lasting happiness in relationships... But in spite of how harshly we judge the other person, we probably all crave love and acceptance above everything else. How great life would be if we were all willing to give the other person a second chance.

  Just  an opinion.
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I have learned the language of the body speak louder than the language from the lips. Watching how a person crosses their arms while they say they agree, is really really hard for me to believe. Crossed arms is a sign of defense for some.

I agree. I'm new here, but I've learnt so much already.