The Old Man Who Didn't Smile

Going to the Park near my house in the evening is a part of my daily routine. Every day I sit on the bench there for 5 - 10 minutes just looking at the children playing or the trees or the numerous joggers who are jogging. I see a new face everyday, but there is an exception to that. Everyday I see an old man there at the same time jogging, for a week I didn't notice the person but after going there for weeks now I saw that the old man is there everytime I arrive. There is nothing special about this man that I should remember him. But a few days ago I realized one thing that made me remember him. He never had a smile on his face, not that everyone around me is happy or is smiling. But whenever I see the man he looks tense or worried. I even looked and smiled at him sometimes to show my good faith but he didn't bother, he was just busy jogging. I don't know the person personally, but I feel there is a connection between us. Something that cannot be explained by words. Maybe it's just Human Nature. I hope that one day I will see that Old man Smile and I will be satisfied.

May 16 : Went to the park yesterday (As usual), the old man was there as usual in his reebok shoes and shorts. He always has this t-shirt saying "Not now, I'm watching the game" (weird ). But after waiting for long I finally did see him smile (yipee !!!). He was jogging, when he saw something in the garden and smiled for sometime. I don't know what made him smile exactly. But in the end I'm happy that he just did. It also opens new doors for me as I will be looking at rest of the people in the park.. Finding a new person, a new story, a new experience :)
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i hope he keeps on smiling :)

Yay!!!! I love that you updated that he smiled!!! You are a nice person. I have wondered a few times about this man that I have never seen personally....which means you are also good at sharing stories! <br />
Btw, the "weird" t shirt says it all... his mind is elsewhere. <br />
Now... if you could find out why he smiled...Hehehe<br />
I look forward to more observations from you. From one people-lover to another...Cheers!

@ wildcountry Thank You :)

@ wildcountry Thank You :)

I loooove your story! Keep smiling at him, it may be the only sunshine he sees all day! I love the fact that another person notices a stranger and that all your thoughts & actions are only geared towards the reward of a smile! There really are some very cool people out there...Keep smiling!

@ RavensSong maybe your right I'm trying my best to communicate with him rather than speculating. Hope I make him smile.

@ chipperchick I smile at him many times I guess I should smile a little more now. Thanks for the suggestion.

He could just have bad teeth.

Next time he jogs by, plant a huge smile on your face, so he will notice YOU..<br />
<br />
Or, you can dye your hair purple like me, it puts smiles on everyones faces, and keeps the crazies away, too.<br />
<br />

I hope you get to see him smile someday. :)<br />
What a shame that he seems so tense.... poor guy.

@ RabbitRichards Thank You ! It means a lot to me.

i love that you're alive, tien. thank you for existing.

@dejin1 I even tried to talk to him once, but he's just in a hurry and doesn't pay attention to what's happening around him.

One word that describes this for me is monotony everyday the same thing all the time drives people nuts hes probly not happy but unwilling to change his everyday he will jog until someone stops him and makes him smile XD