Getting To Know New People Is Magic :)

I always think how we humans LOVE to interact with each other. The fact that we are interested in knowing and understanding the way the OTHER thinks, reacts to situations and most importantly feels about things, is just AMAZING. I was thinking about how the EPpeeps are from EVERYWHERE and from every background , religion and place you could imagine. And yet what makes us accept each other is the power of FEELINGS that our words carry!! The fact that a reply or a post from another person on EP can make me cheerful in a a sad day , or a story in here that can make me think and look at life from totally a new angle is just amazing. Thus , i would like to share my appreciation to this website :) and to announce that am looking forward to feel the warmth of another human`s soul :D looking forward to know more of you guys.... LOVE and RESPECT  from UAE
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1 Response May 7, 2011

Thank you. I feel the same