I Like 2 Translate Anything.

O, my village,
my village mates,
how long would u sleep?
wake up! it is dawn.
let us go to the temple.
slowly,steadily,quitely let us go,
do not make a noise,
'coz GOD is sleeping,
in the temple.
nilkanta nilkanta
18-21, M
2 Responses Jun 21, 2011

Thanks for the comment Jim.I wish i could delight you by forwarding my help on what you are seeking.But unfortunately i could only translate lesser known languages like hindi,nepali,assamese,and others.Not a single one on your list HaHa!..into english.Regards,Nil.

Dear nilkanta: No disrespect meant and please don't take it that way. I respect your knowledge of other languages. By the way, I love the post you presented. How about Lord Byron?: : "What is the worst of woes that age waits upon us? What furrows the wrinkles deeper upon the brow? It is to view each loved one blotted from life's page --- and be alone on earth, as I am, now". I love that poem because it echos how many friends I have lost in this life. One more: from Sappho, the Greek Poetess who lived some 500 years before Christ. Unfortunately, her entire poems have been lost to history --- we only have "fragments" --- but, here's one: "Evening Star, you bring together all that which the bright dawn hath scattered: the sheep, the goat ---- and the child, returned to his Mother".
Best regards: Jim

A nice post. Since you like to "translate anything" ---- would you please translate your post in Arabic, Syrian Armaic, French, Spanish, Urdu, ----- or any other language you have facility in?<br />
I'm sitting on the edge of my chair, waiting for you to do this. By the way --- I happen to be conversant in all of the (above) languages. Give it yur best shot. I can't wait.<br />
Regards, Jim.