It's Funny How Many People Avoid Eye Contact.

Eye contact is one of the most important interactions people come across. You can tell a lot by looking at someones eyes, actually just looking at someone's face can show you how they truly feel. Micro expressions are awesome if you can catch them fast enough. I have been doing some side research because I am extreamly facinated in how many things you can discover just from looking at a person. Body language is also a really interesting because the body contradicts the mind.
I have been studying micro expressions and body language and ever since I have been able to make positive decisions and encourage others by showing them there is no need to be afraid of confrontation and not knowing how to act in a simple interview. Almost 20 but I want to someday get a job having to do with this. It's always a good feeling knowing your helping people.
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I get dizzy after holding someone's gaze for what I perceive as 'too long'.. sometimes I think people feel good when I make eye contact but when they look away I feel embarrassed hehe. I think I'm only conscious of eye contact when I try to impress people and that doesn't help.

That is very true. It feels good to look into someone's eyes!

Direct eye contact among men is often viewed as sign of aggression, and can lead to aggressive physical reaction. Back in the day, I had an assoicate that went out to clubs looking for someone that made direct contact with him just a bit to long so he had an excuse to fight. He hurt a lot of unexpected people, before he ended up going to far--he is now a lifer.

I guess this is one way of building your knowledge ba<x>se on how to interpret people and whether to believe or not whatever they say. good skill to have.

what a fascinating field to get into. I also find human behavior and communication (verbal and nonverbal) interesting. Good for you and wishing you all the best!

Fascinating topic! I have read that individuals skilled in reading body language can actually (in a certain sense) read other people's minds. What's your opinion? <br />
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I would also like to add that your previous response about the importance of "how you are vocally" is an important but often overlooked element of social interaction. Not long ago I worked with an individual (a man) who had an absolutely MESMERIZING tone of voice. It was on the lower tonal range, and was extremely sensual, but not seductive; just very earthy. He had enormous appeal. By contrast, there are those "mealy mouthed" individuals who have no soul in their tone of voice. Is it possible to cultivate a certain tone of voice that attracts individuals to you, without sounding phony?

Well, it is possible to know how people are feeling just by looking at them. Actually, I have been told by my friends and other associates that I have read their mind. Honestly, I believe that the more you know someone that the easier it is to get a clear read. I am not sure if people can read minds by just looking at them. However if you hang around people for awhile you will see how they react to certain things ultimatly knowing what they would do or say in a situation.

To answer your question above,it IS possible for you to use a specific voice that can alter people's emotions. You can definatly have a hypnotic voice, this is not necessarily a bad thing! It can help people relax in a hostile situation without them even know what you are doing! ( it's awesome)

It's funny you mention this because I was just talking to an associate at work about this and I showed her an example of it by switching tones in a non confrontational way. She was feeling stressed and I just talked to her in a lower ( but still in my range of talking, basically more relaxed) voice. She said in return " thanks! I just needed to know someone who could understand and make me feel relaxed, I don't know how but I feel much better!" she did not know why she felt better besides what I was saying. (YES, it can even releave certain stress!) this is something you can work on with your friends or other people ( I suggest friends first to get the hang of it)

I am often misunderstood by people. Could this be because of my body language, or are others misreading my body language?

Body language is important but how you are vocally matters, people tend to not like when you talk to them while looking away. On a first approach when meeting new people try looking at their face (eyes) and face them to show that you are focused on them and interested in the conversation. I always start off with a smile while looking in their eyes. People tend to give better feedback that way.

i too get misunderstood by people,and i just dont know were am going wrong.