I Can Tell

I am fascinated by human behavior.  I love to people watch.  I have a way of checking  you out and you won't even know if I even glanced in your direction.

I notice what people have in their shopping carts in the grocery store.  I can tell if they live alone, or if they have a bunch of kid's, or whether or not they're good cooks or microwave fans.  I can tell if they're planning a special dinner, or if they really don't care .  I can tell if they're  health fanatics or junkaholics. 

I can tell a married couple from a dating couple by the way they get in and out of the car, and how they sit while in the car.

I can tell when a kid really acts up in public, whether or not that child is going to 'get it' when he gets home by the reaction of the mother, regardless of if she says anything or not.

I can tell when a person is really concerned or just being nosy when they ask " how are you doing " or " what's going on".

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I think some of those things are based purely on assumption. You never really know what could happen. But being observant is good.

I liked your story . There really are people like me! :D

agreed. <br />
We do get better at tallying all the signs very fast.<br />
And we get feedback experiences that tell us whether we got it right or not.

Sometimes its an assumption, but other times its pretty obvious. Like when the out of shape guy in front of you at the grocery store who is unshaven, has dirty hair, and has on a plaid shirt and striped shorts, unloads his cart that contains a bunch of frozen dinners, beer, and junk food. Its pretty easy to tell that he is probably single.

Wow, i can do some of that, but that is very very observant. I wish i could do that, that is a pretty awesome talent you have there :)

While I do know what you are trying to say, this isn't knowing, but rather assuming.

And it's also interesting to listen to the words people use. Just like their actions, and I suppose combined with them, tells you a lot about them.

I do the same exact thing. I watch and analyze people without even noticing.