I Am Proud Of Them

With a long and complex project coming to an end, the key client commercial manager came to me today to say his farewells and took the time to say that he now realised there were times when he was unreasonably difficult to deal with and should have behaved in a more respectful way.

He said that the professionalism which my husband and his second in command displayed at all times were an object lesson to him and something he had learnt from and hoped to emulate.

The ability to see a bigger picture is important.

I'm proud of him, him and him,

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4 Responses Apr 24, 2012

Thank you all for commenting ;) surprisingly, I met my husband's second in command's wife last night and I told her this story. She was very pleased. Hopefully, we all too can learn from one another. xx

It's always an amazing thing to truly get through to another person and make a difference in their life for the better. It fills me with happiness knowing that people are out there everyday and making a difference as well as that even the most stubborn and tight visioned people can see things more clearly and make the conscious decision to better themselves. You should be very proud of them and make sure they know it :) thank you for sharing.

It's always so good when a person can admit failings and that they learned something! So many people waste all their time and energy in upholding the ego instead of learning lessons that are presented to them!<br />
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Great story!

People are amazing and sometimes surprise us most pleasantly. Cheers for sharing this. :-) Your posts are often encouraging rays of sunshine. I enjoyed this. Respect and honor are things to lift up to the light and share.