My Friend's Story.

i was working in garage in San Francisco. after meal time if there was no work my boss and all people went home and i was alone. that time a lady usually brought her car for minor repairs. the woman went about the garage asking questions and killing my time. i tried to satisfy her politely. since she was elderly woman i ignored her and did my work. however once she came very near me and was inspecting my repair work closely. she was wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse. i noticed her *** was beautiful and her breasts were massive. but i was silently doing my work. then she bent to pick up some thing and her skirt eposed her big butt even more.. my breath had pick up speed. out of curiosity i touched her full ***. she clung to me and i never knew i was caressing her big *** and even bigger breasts. then she boldly undressed me hurriedly. my **** jumped out of my pants and she began sucking my semi hard **** with relish. the touch of her tongue was like shock to me and i was in heaven. the i held her hair and began to guide her beautiful mouth. soon my **** became very hard and wanted to enter her hole. i made a bed of car seats and lifted her on to it delicately.. she spread her beautiful legs and i mounted on her. she guided my hard **** with her lovely hand and i thrust my rod in her *****. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i entered a virtual paradise like.. i began to **** her with speed taking my thick black out sometimes and thrusting in her again. everytime did that she winced and clung to me as if she is afraid of something. it mad me more aggressive. at last my hard **** could not stand it and began to shoot my. load in her *****. she enjoyed my shooting very much and then she began suck my hard **** lovingly. but i will never forget the touch of massive her *** that day.
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I love this story ;)

ty baby.


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i will write erotica on your message board .

ty baby. ur welcome!

A good story about a horny women.