Behind The Smile

How niave was I until I reached middle-age,or maybe it was innocence!
People would laugh condescendingly as I always believed in the good in others.
Hated gossip still do!
However I still believe in tjhe innate goodness of most people
And the interesting part is that I have been less hurt  than many hardened cynics
Yes there have been moments of disillusion but they pale in comparison to loving friendships.
Human behaviour remains as it is,an enigma.
The Good,The .Bad and all shades in between
Stay Well! 
zeina60 zeina60
56-60, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

Hi, It's a good way to look at life, I do the same because I don't know any other way and I do it because it works for me. I have a soft heart but negative attitudes get me down and I don't have much patience for it as we have choices and options in life. Welcome to ep hope you enjoy the site and make many new friends.