I Found A Visa Debit Card And Returned It

It was in the Target parking lot near the cart return. It had a woman's name on it and a bank name. I didn't feel comfortable bringing it in Target to the customer service counter. I went to the bank with that card and pulled through the drive in. I paged the teller and told her what it was I was sending through the tube. "Yeah, we'll take it." That's all she said. Not thanks or anything like that. Whatever. I did what I could. Hopefully it makes its way back to the owner.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

Yes. You did the right thing. Well done;)

I don't understand when people act like that either.<br />
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I was working at a convenience store when someone brought in a woman's wallet that he found in the parking lot. I opened it up, found her licence, got her number from 4-11 and let her know that someone had turned it in.<br />
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Mu coworkers looked at me like I was insane for going to the trouble.

Good for you for doing the right thing. I was using a copier at work once and saw numerous copies of someone's credit card (both sides) in the recycling bin. If I was up to no good, I could have gone on a shopping spree. I ran them through the shredder instead. What this person was thinking is beyond me...