Ep Is A Perfect Example

I couldn't be happier with my late night computer time as I am right now. Since I discovered EP anyway. This is a person who loves human behavior's dream site!
I can sit and read for hours about people's strange desires, their secret confessions, sad or heroic stories, whatever! You name it, whatever you're into, it's here!
When all the other popular sites started to bore me, I stumbled upon this one. I've been sleep deprived ever since. . . I'm not kidding. :)
rottenrobi rottenrobi
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

I loved it... loved it, until I became the centre of a story or a storm. So I escaped and now floating about free for a bit, reading, enjoying again.

oooh, I've questioned some of my answers before, and went back to apologize. I can see where something could happen that would get out of hand. OR out of your/my hands anyway.

It was all over a man! oh of all the silly things to do... too much hurt and pain, even on here! But no one knows how that story will end, especially me.

Truer words were never spoken. You can find any type of behavior here that you could think of - and many that you can't...

That's the truth! I did actually learn about something I'd never heard of before just yesterday! A little on the "you probably better keep this private" side, but WOW! So fun!