Jealousy And Schadenfreude.... I Don't Get Either.

These two things fascinate me, because I understand neither.

I watch people getting so angry over what someone else has, simply because someone else has it.  Why is this?  What a person does or does not have does not affect your life, so why should you care either way?

Schadenfreude is pleasure that one gains from the suffering of another.  This is different from Sadism in that Sadism is an active infliction of suffering.  What I'm talking about is how people cheer the downfall of some celebrity, or laugh at people being injured.  Those home-video shows where people are being injured and the audience is laughing are particularly disturbing to me.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

The pleasure you describe from seeing another fall has a simple explanation at times. When your life is crap, and you can look down your nose at someone else, you can then tell yourself, look at that person, at least you didn't do that. We look at others and chastise them simply because to look at ourselves in the mirror means we'd have to admit shortcomings and that we actually have faults and more importantly that our lives suck. If we admit our lives suck we can either search for ways to make it better, working on the internal bs, and make our lives improve or simply laugh when someone else falls.

First I totally get jealously. But not for others material things. It is relationship oriented. By someone I love bein inappropriate or wanting a lasting deep love ive seen others have. But I absolutely dont get laughing at anothers pain, emotional or physical. I think its sick. But im very empathetic. And everyone is different. We need different in this world, so long as it doesnt hurt anyone! ; )