Observationalist So To Speak

I look to see,
I meet new to people to observe so to speak.
People are people , some would say, "Do they matter at all?"
My simple retort, "We ALL matter" I'm believed to be quite genuine.
I like to watch, how you walk, how they talk, your perception, their beliefs, JUST everything.
How can you tell a lie or nervous guy?
You watch, you see. Everyones perception could be rather bleak or an observer, and artists draws with their eyes.
Now, to those of the blind, how do they tell, how does their handicap observe?
They feel what they can't see, it takes a soul to see peoples life, You can see a person individually or they all blend the same.
One with heightened senses cannot bare to see anything but with feeling.
Those of the living, see everything.
You say no, untrue, lies, blasphemy.. and so on.
I say, It's the obvious truth that we tend to ignore,
How can you not see,
oh please, only the dead aren't able.
So, Observer yes I am.
I choose to live life not living so bleakly, Bland is the tasteless.
18-21, F
May 19, 2012