Guys And Girls

   One night  before a bike ride a really good friend of mine and I got into a friendly argument about the sexes. He was telling me about his 'bat $hit crazy' ex and how every woman can be called that. I can understand where he's coming from, having been the recipient of some really really crazy weird attitudes and things from members of my own sex. 
   But I reminded him that men sometimes deserve what they get from their women. That men can be such jerks. And just like the typical intelligent guy I tend to hang out with, he couldn't resist trying to convince me otherwise. Finally I said, look, I'll give you that all women 'can' be bat $hit crazy just so long as you can agree that all men are a$$holes at some point. 
    He laughed. We both laughed. People are people, what can you say?
Indie42 Indie42 46-50, F 9 Responses Jun 4, 2012

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I admit men can be jerks . Ex spouse or lover from either gender can be bat **** crazy though.

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Yes, Men can be pigs. And Women, god love 'em, are pig lovers! We have different qualities and strengths to augment each other.. The bible instructs a man to "deal with a woman according to knowledge". Not a task for the faint of heart. Sometimes you just have to know when to stay the hell out of their way. That's why god created fishing.

Hahahaha! Well said.

Gee let me see bat **** crazy....hmmm I guess one could be called worse.Hmm well opinions are like ******** ..,everyone has one.

Lets be fair, we can all be bat sh *t crazy at times.... that's what makes life so fun! :)

Indie, I'm in full agreement. There are only a few on both sides that are *** holes all the time, I like to think positive!

Like this post :-)

Certainly there is a wide difference amongst the two human genders... what with all the anatomical and hormonal differences !

Infact, the purposes of physical qualities of men and women are pointed in different directions....what do u say ...' Indie42' ?!

I think if men werent ******** sometimes and women wouldnt be b,, sometimes. We wouldnt find each other irrisistable. Lol