More Than What Is Offered ?

Since I often ask myself this, why there are few who take pride presenting themselves as ****** or *****, I have thought of writing them down here. I have no intention of being judgemetal or defensive. I just want to share how this part of human behaviour fascinates me. Why there are few women who takes pride and enjoy being degraded as ****** or as *****.
To think of the emotional satisfaction (or when self-worth is put into question) they can have when they act as one *****, cannot be sufficed when they act away from how they really wanted to be treated. They get as much as attention they needed. And yet never get enough. They have their honest and well endowed personalities, contributing to a more fanciful attractive facade. They own to admit their intentions and flairs and plays, yet tend to be attractive to some men. They have been the cause for broken marriages/relationships, they have been the source of release. While they can offer true friendship/relationship to one side, they can be slutty to all men they attract.
It's when one who wanted to be treated like a lady, cannot get the full understanding of being used, treated like a ***** or just one for quick fun kind of attractions. Or the same way, when one who wanted to be treated like a ***** or a *****, couldn't grasp the idea of acting like a prude. Or plain introvert.
But I'm sure those kind of cravings, being seen taking pride as ***** or ******, attentions don't really sips in through the core. At the bottom of their needs to be treated like as one with low esteem, they really wanted to be treated with respect, by both men and women. Others just wanted to succumbed to this fancy desirable treatment as their way of escape. But who knows.
Anything shallow just comes out easily, and eventually get it's respective reaction from their surroundings. Still who knows which is the real need and craving and which is does play as the real person. The fact that these *****, slutty ***** industry goes a long way from mankinds history, and it never fail to attract attention from all kinds of races. And while others treat it like a low profile, still others find it attractive as an enactment, an enhancement as/for their alter ego.
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I am following your thoughts on this yet I think you are being too narrow minded. Not saying you yourself are narrow minded, but you are seeing things in their little boxes. Your words wrap up ******, ****, ***** into one simple explanation which wants to describe one thing. To place my different things into one single box to explain away and justify the common negative reaction to the connotation those words bring. I might instead challenge you to take time to consider. What is the difference between a **** and a *****? Think on that, they really are two very different things. What is the difference between those and a *****? How do they overlap? What defines a lady? Where does that overlap? People are very complex beings, and while one said label might describe one aspect of who we are, we do not fit into neat little labels.

I am not judging or even defending myself. Just look at the things around you. Why do they have to degrade themselves, and why there are few women who despise this kind of women taking pride of calling themselves *****, ***** whatever. To have the attention they need. And I said would it be bacause they have their desire hidden in their fantasy or is that they really want to be as one, degraded to be one **** or ***** or ******. Who knows? That is not being narrow minded. Actually I accept opinion based on the obvious intention, arrogance won't let me accept your intelligence. To top it all calling me narrow minded twice. I am so impressed. Maybe you are God. I am not stating any conclusion but an observation based on facts here. Before calling on someone narrow minded twice you can explain yourself first. Because I think I have given you an assignment to think for yourself and seems you have feeded on someone else's ideas. Now get your story. Anyone is entitled to give their opinion on how they observe things. If you need your opinion heard, don't barrage me with questions. EP has provided you space for your story.

Very well said and I agree with you to some extent. You are obviously not stupid or ignorant to which the term is narrow minded is often implied. This was not was not my intent, just stating that the vision you hold is. Now it is true, many women as well as a few men that degrade them self by any means are simply attention seekers and nothing more. And when this is the case it is quite obvious to the flocking effect they generate to which they are perceived as being popular. While this holds true for the majority, one can not state that this is the only cause or reasoning for the whole. My argument being that any descriptor being of good or bad connotation is an attribute. Any attribute can be wielded to gain strength and power, though note I am not implying good or bad, simply power itself. So let us take your basic example, say a woman with a high labito has a learned response that flaunting this brings the power to attract men. From the inside power always seems good to yourself regardless of it is or not. Now let us take the same woman who stops a moment and recognizes this and wants something more, to actually better herself? While she might change her attitude, her morals, her labito is a part of her she can not change. She can either stifle it, which almost always turns to self harm, or she can learn to embrace it, make peace with it, redirect it. These kinds of things I have seen in my life, they are rare, they are cherished.

WOW and you are a male! I thought you were a female. Well you should know better how to approach someone with your argument. Someone might be having a bad day. LOL! Anyways, I like how you made your point/ explanations. I also believe they wanted respect, to be treated more than what surfaces from the inside. If you can only read post again, it all arrive to the same conclusion. But I like how you explained them. I'm all sincere to my words. I do not degrade them, nevertheless I try to understand the core of them, the feelings. I might have that same feeling/desire also. Yet who knows ? Have a nice weekend!

Yes, who knows. Very good read Ladyryan. Thank you;)

Duchessforthright, you are also a very good read ! Thank you.