My Constant Fascination

Human behavior intrigues me. I can people watch for hours and I don’t mean to be rude for staring. I also tend to look at how other people act, especially how I act, biologically. It is kind of strange for even myself to understand why I do this but I come up with ideas which I oftentimes wonder if they were ever considered by scientists who do tests to prove things like this in studies. So many ideas and reasons and personal theories go through my mind throughout the day. Laws of attraction is my personal favorite because that can be argued by so many people.
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2 Responses Jul 7, 2012

Watching others is something many people do but the problem is to watch others so they don't realise they are being watched.

no it's people will act differently if they think they are being watched,but there are ways of watching/listening without letting on!

I'm like that too, I just started watching the Mentalist, and I'm absolutely loving it.<br />
I tend to stare at people to watch how they act and talk, it's fun. Of course some people think I'm rude.