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a few months ago i came across the 2 girls 1 cup video and was completely taken aback by what i saw ( i couldn't even watch the entire video). well except for my obvious disgust it also sparked an interest in me to find out why some one would A) use material like that as pron, and B) why would a person eat their own or another person's feces. i came across an old russian **** star that described her experiences with scat **** ( *********** dealing with the consumption of feces and /or feces being used for sexual arousal) and she was very happy doing what she did. but i never really got my question answered. i just want to know why really? all in all i'm completely in owe that there are people who are aroused by feces ( it's just that i never would have known if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes)
bemmie bemmie 18-21, F 4 Responses Jul 7, 2012

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Let's see...
If you want to know why most of the pronstars (especially from Brazil or other underdeveloped countries) do it, is
There is a website claiming to pay from 5k to 15 k for a week of work to shoot a scene of scat ****.

Why do people do that and like it for real..well, that is way more subtle.

When I say they like it, they like the act, nobody likes the taste of ****, but that filthy taste triggers something in the mind, it is something so nasty, so forbidden that it makes it so hot for some people.
Mostly is that id say.

Going deeper it could be that the one that actually eat poop is obviously submissive and deep inside he/she feels very fragile and very guilty, and he/she feels like it is just right that he/she gets that treatment.

On the other face of the coin the dominant one, providing the poo, probably feels like his/her slave deserve this treatment and actually he/she must be happy to have this done to him/her..

Wow thank you I think I understand a little better now

you are wellcome ;)

You probably couldn't pick a better place to start in understanding phenomenon like this than the book "female perversions" by Louise J. Kaplan. It's used as a textbook in universities so if your local bookstore doesn't have it, try a school bookstore or online (ISBN: 0-7657-0086-7). <br />
<br />
Another good read is "My Secret Garden: Female sexual fantasies" by Nancy Friday but it could probably use an update since it's fairly old. <br />
<br />
The former is a remarkably dry (considering the subject matter) academic text that tries to stay in the realm of the empirical, the latter is a pop-culture romp through the imaginations of women from all walks of life. Both are fun and informative reads, but if you want a **** the second is the better bet. :P

I like being scared. I really dont know why. Some thoughts, feelings and so on that i have disturb me. There are (albeit rarely) elements of other people's desires that intrigue but disturb me. Id lile to have dinner with them to pick their brain, but i certainly wouldn't move in with them. Enjoying feces doesnt suprise or shock me, but i wont pretend to understand it. Id love to have it explained to me

there should be a massive world wide questionnaire thats completely anonymous so people could really gain an insight into this and other things

Some people have weird fetishes..