Just Wondering. . .provoking Empty Whines

Whenever I browse to EP stories and Confessions I find people so grossly hate EP. They would talk about the how they hate the people they bump into, stories they find unpleasing. They even use other's stories to vent and throw out their sad and so ****** up dispositions to EP itself.
I don't understand people who have big attitudes against their hosts, when they can make their silent exits as quiet as they can the way they entered this site. I know how it is to vent. How to state your issue. And you don't have to wave your fist provoking empty whinnings.
But for your sake, you're just making a good laughing stock out of yourself. Honestly, that isn't all bad at. This is the internet.
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Well EP could stand for Empty Promises. Last I checked it stands for Experience Project. I did read all that stuff at the time when I got here before they added the floor. It has had its ups and downs. Should have seen it around here when it rained before they put the roof on that dirt floor was a mess I tell you. And the mens room...OMG. Just a 5 gallon bucket in the corner. No I will not tell you what the women had to do but it took two of them.<br />
<br />
Shoot I remember when the windows showed up. Fancy stuff I tell you. You could even push the window one way and it was open and the other way it was closed. Good thing too they got those fancy type windows because on Friday nights they would have a pot luck No I don't mean food I mean the boozers, It was pot luck if they hit the damn thing. That why those fancy windows where so important so's we could air this place out back then....<br />
<br />
Yea those where the good ole" days 4 sure! Still gotta leave your boots on, on the weekends, but it ain't so bad. Hey have a sit and stay a spell and take a load of your feet and your mind for that matter because IT Don't Matter Anyway...<br />
<br />
Just Enjoy your stay, it could be worse...... and it was.

Then my dreams was close enought to unravel the mysteries behind the black dungeon which has started years ago. Seems you've seen a lot. Can't complain either. Will just sit back and enjoy the view. Nothing could go worse than, that I hope. =P

There you go girly ;-) your gettin it. It only hurt the first time before you get used to the crowd being a bit rowdy. Why don't you take that nice lookin' feller over there and go outside and sit a spell under that big tree with bench near the watering trough. He has been eyeing you all night. Have fun now ya hear. ;-)

Really, everybody have a rock'n good time here as best you can. Remember you could be all alone with a power outage. Remember always, it is REAL hard to watch TV by candle light.

You're late! That nice lookin' feller over there? That guy and I already took a vow last night. ha ha^^

Really?? Where did you take it to?

LOL! you are funny. . .^^

Some don't think so. I do like to provoke thought~for the better. It sometimes is the better they object to. I once had a lady tell me she didn't like to think because it hurt her head. ?

Hurts her head ? LOL! not if you're giving her a hard time.

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It`s like I tell people"If you don`t like the U.S. why don`t you leave" or "If you think you can do a better job than Obama, go do it."

Ha ha OK you got me there. I'm not from the US and can't go against anyone's view. But I say, point well taken.^^ Amigo!

You are best... will you be my host

ha ha You are a sweetie.^^

I sooo agree with your thoughts on this! I always wonder why they waste sooo much time and energy complaining about a site that they could be away from with one little, " click" of on the X....It's the internet and no one is being held at gun point to be here....<br />
<br />
Some are just attention seekers and the rest are addicted to being miserable. I avoid them all like plague!! I personally LOVE this site and have met a LOT of amazing people who I have learned a lot from. ep is an enjoyable spot for me. <br />
<br />
Sometimes the mean nasty ones end up on one of my threads spreading their hate but I get rid of them pretty fast... :)<br />
<br />
Ep is a lot like life......you get out of it what you put into it...

" Ep is a lot like life. . . you get out of it what you put into it". Exactly!

It's the Internet, fantasyland, many people would never say the stuff they say here to your face. <br />
<br />
Many of the stories here are pure BS.

Great! teehee^^

I am convinced that there are people who are never entirely happy unless they can find something to complain about. I don't know if they are the product of a very unhappy childhood and are always seeking that familiar unpleasantness or if they cannot hold a conversation unless it is about something negative. Either way, constantly unhappy people who complain but do nothing to fix the situation are not exactly fun to be around.

Couldn't agree more. Thanks for the input Rocky.

I only have one issue but hell now I can`t remember what it is or was, what was the damn question again.


I see, you're horny again. ha ha

He's horny STILL. It hasn't gone down in 5 days. LOL

ho ho ho^^ LOL!

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