Victims Of Circumstances.

Let's say you work in the office, and your yearly raise depends on how you behave in the office ( my interpretaion is ' how you do drama on stage' )
You are late for an event in personal life - but here is work.. how do you cope with it.
You stage a drama. Cook up a story and do a make-believe and you get out of the office.

Let's turn this situation a bit.
You hate to stay at home - ( you are being harassed at home , or hate being in proximity of someone - or just doing a chore - and you have to get out) then what ?????

Stage another act .. work is pending, I will be penalized on monday if I dont get out and do it. My boss is strict and wants it on her table on monday first thing. I need a raise badly so I have to go and do the work......
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Good thing if you realize your're a victim of circumstance, or you just don't want to change?
usually problems/things happen to improve ourselves not to trap us as victim, hope so:)