People Are Complicated

I think people have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others. I don't think people quite understand the complexities of the human condition, i know i don't even begin to understand. What bothers me is when people stand in judgement of others based on some list of rules or ideology that they have had pressed into their minds about proper behavior.

I find Humans so fascinating and it is in the imperfections where the most interesting aspects lie. Kurt Vonnegut was a humanist and the biggest thing I've taken from him is that we all need to kind of give ourselves and each other a break. We are fragile and imperfect beings and that's a good thing! imagine the drudgery of life if we all lived by the same 10 rules? In fact this would not be a species of animal id be much interest in because all behavior would be predictable.

I think a general guideline I have is, try not to hurt others, but even within that seemingly obvious notion there are complicating factors. The fact that some peoples experiences have made them masochistic, or slightly sadistic would challenge the notion of "do no harm". Even for such a seemingly obvious tenet of life there are people out there who could not fathom life without pain and a little anguish to keep things interesting.

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welcome to human world, we are only gender existing that can't naturally harmonize

Huh. Very interesting thoughts. (To be honest, you sound a bit like my boyfriend!) I agree that life would be boring if there was no diversity, and suffering is inevitable... but, well I just wish it was all to a lesser degree.