Human Behavior Will Always Be A Mystery For Me.

No matter how much psychology books I read and no matter how much I observe other people's behavior and body language I will never get enough of it.
To me, this is one of the most fascinating subjects on earth and there is so much beauty in it. I can always be surprised by new discoveries and I can learn something new every single day.
I just love it!
Luba147 Luba147
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

The problem with the study of the science of behavior is that as long as you are not getting close to human reality you can indulge in it.

It's like lifting weights. No one is lifting buses at the gym. If they had to do that they would all walk out.

Responsibility is the burden. If we see who people are the responsibility becomes unbearable, and a responsibility materializes where we are obligated to be transparent, obligated to do only what we can be doing openly.

How to love being good is the ultimate science (in a world where the conditioning motivation is to get us to buy stuff), the science of the non-exploiter; where no one has gone before.

How to force oneself to be good is the ultimate hypocrisy. We see that as possible, which makes goodness evil.