My Unadulterated Thoughts On Nepotism.

Okay, so nepotism bugs the hell out of me. I have seen it time and time again in the private sector as well as public. I have worked several jobs where being related to the boss or being butt-buddies with a higher up is the quick way in.  Why do people do it?  My guess would be political gain, or bringing the familiar into the workplace.  IT IS WRONG!!!!

First let me talk about my first experience working with a pool store. I worked at this place installing pools (back breaking labor) for around 9 summers. Or pretty much since I was in high school. On the installation crew there was me, one other guy and the store's owners nephews. In the store working behind the counter, was the family members (son, and nieces). This was not that bad, as the work got done, and everyone got along...until I got screwed.

The summer I went to Belgium, I told my boss that I would not be available for the summer (2010), he told me that it was fine and that my job would be waiting for me next summer. Well everything went fine until January of 2011. I stopped by the store to say "Hey, am I still going to have my summer job?" The response I got was "Yes, you will have it." I called the store once a month until April. Each time I was checking to see if I would have a summer job. And each time the response I got was in the affirmative. Then in May, when substitute teaching slows down for me, I called to store my former boss told me that I would not be needed that summer. I hung up furious and took a job at Walmart for summer employment. (Don't get me started on that place) Evidently, the woman that my boss was sleeping with at the time had a brother, who had no experience in pool installation, who needed the income more than I. BS I say. This little story still puts me in a foul mood to this day.

My next little screw job in nepotism happened more recently. As I mentioned above I am a substitute teacher, I have been looking for a full time position for over 4 years. One of the schools that I had been subbing at had a job opening in my particular field. I applied and interviewed for the job...It was a short notice posting so, they were in a pinch, and seeing as I was familiar with the district, put a lot of time in there, and was local I feel like the position should have been open to me. Instead they gave it to a girl fresh out of school who is related to an administrator. This kind of crap happens quite often in education from what I have seen. Is it fair to other applicants? Is it fair to the district in terms of having the most qualified person? Is it fair to the students who deserve a top notch education? NO, NO, and NO!!!!

I find that just because some one is the relative or child of someone important is no reason to give them a job. Am I not someones child as well? I consider it a poor business ethic, and all around bad form. Is the person your hiring for personal reasons the best one for the job? If they are great. But what if they aren't? The hiring of relatives of firends who arent qualified I believe is wrong. I am aware that my personal experience gives me a fair amount of subjectivity. I think that positions should be given on merit and nothing else. A pox on nepotism.
angryuboat angryuboat
26-30, M
Sep 12, 2012