My So Called Best Friend/ Sister

so i had an amazing relationship or so i thought...
so i go to Florida on vacation and two days gone my boyfriend starts acting weird and ignoring me and so i find out wen i get back home that my so called best friend got my boyfriends number some how i mean i knew she was sorta a ***** cuz she slep wth da whole rotc battalion n backstabed alot of her friends.I never thought she'd do what she did, i hooked her up wth my boyfriends best friend nd she seemed so happy she.did.him n he was amazing but den she strted messing wth my boyfriend she told hym i was a lier n cheating on him n hanging out with other guys, then she comes n tells me she only told him tht becuz he told her he was gunna dump me eathier way but tht wasn't true n den she slept wth hym n dumped hym i hate dem both im glad ill nvr c them again but it.still hurts hw n y wuld she do tht to me i was always there for her wen she aborted ran away got prego.snuck out to c a boy had probs at home n she comes n does this :/ forever alone
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so sorry. i don't know why it happens, but, god willing better things will come for you