I observe the wide variety of houses as I sail by. Everything exposed to the elements; there is wear from the water and from the wind. Some of them have lots of windows, some only a few.  I remember sitting behind so many kinds of windows.  The outside was surreal- there were changes in the weather, yet the elements were remote- experienced only through inference.

I recall some different windows I have sat behind. 

The modern ones: all glass; one continuous sheet, no beading, no panes. Regular glass, no inclusions.  Unobstructed views.  Unassuming.

The antique ones: small, usually irregular panes, glass pooled at the base- such as fluids tend to do.  Sometimes the glass was colored.   Always there were inclusions.  There was distortion when looking through those old panes- but there was honesty.  There was craftsmanship.  There had been effort.

I remember one window I disliked sitting behind.  It was a modern construct of a window.  Originally, a single large pane, but wedged in, over the glass, was a plastic insert. It was always askew.  The insert was apparently designed to have the appearance of creating the illusion of multiple panes of glass- but it failed, miserably.  Like all things, it told its own tale.  A tale of a desire to be something that was not possible.  An artificial construct, made to simulate an effect.   A wannabe.  A fake.  Tawdry.  No matter what the price- still cheesy.
Why, I wondered, would anyone want an obvious, unkempt imitation?  What was the goal?  Is reality so horrible that cheap constructs are used as masks?  Could not the structure as designed stand on its own merits?  Apparently not.  Was there pride in the unkempt artifice?  Everything associated with that window followed in suit.

I am pleased as my boat glides beyond those houses.   My view is open and unobstructed.  The horizon is beautiful.  As I feel my sails fill with air, nature propels me forward through my memory and into my future.  As I raise my head and fill my lungs with fresh air, awareness of boundless promise fills my heart.
DinahMoeHumm DinahMoeHumm
41-45, F
Nov 27, 2012