Self-interested Sane People?...

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier which reminded me of something...

See I like to think about every aspect of one's life,this world everything... their emotions..physical behavior..thoughts etc

From what a person thinks when they glance at another person to how universe change

Once I had an argument with a guy.... I told him that every 9-5 average working routine guy sticks to normal values...but if he or she is asked to look after their parents or their loved one for the same amount of time...they would get aggravated and angry....he said "yeah how can we look after them"....I said " because you're not getting anything in return" he said yeah...I asked him" so are you self-interested..would you only help if you get some sort of cash for it? you prioritize your needs above others? are you selfish ?" he said no then I asked him "then how come you said how can I look after them it is difficult"

He got confused... apologized and left =D
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Not everybody wants to explore all points of something. I'm like that though, like you are. I like to explore all the different ideas mentally, but not everyone is like that.

I believe that's what makes us more intellect and creative...Mind works like a frickin' machine