It's Not Less Fascinating On Ep

Joining EP was casual. None of my friends and acquaintances have been on EP, nor did I ever listen about EP before the day I joined it. I didn't know what kind of people I'm going to meet here though I expected people from all age groups and all walks of life.

The fault was mine and I accept it. I take responsibility for my silliness, going naughty anonymous was thrilling and I jumped knee-depth into it but I couldn't believe men past their 40s and 50s "becoming my fan" one after another. Well, I think word "experience" attracts elder ones, after all they have abundance of it and most of times willing to share it but I was utterly disgusted with the dirty experiences they claim to have. I thought I've very dirty thoughts those perhaps no one else on planet possesses but dirtiest of my fantasies can't be as half dirty as their experiences. I wondered if no senior one on EP have been a good father, a good student or a caring boyfriend willing to show us the picture of bouquet he gave her wife, instead of sharing her naked pictures.

I respect elders. I don't deny that they have sexual desires like youth but I'm utterly disgusted with people looking for a daddy's girl to ****. I expect them to earn some respect, having a half century of going through life's ups and downs means a lot to tell.

Sorry if I hurt anybody but these are my honest thoughts about my recent experiences. I no way mean that all elders are so, please consider this to be solely about the people I encountered. I've learned and learning new things and my excitement about showing up my curves from different angles is subsiding gradually. See if EP has enough attraction to keep me stay, no social network other than Facebook have been so attractive yet.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Actually, you would be quite amazed at the amount of older folks in the world of kink. Being kinky or into fetishes does not take away from being a good parent. I even saw something from a man in his late 60's on Fetlife talking about Suspension bondage. He said that he would only work with women up to 130 lbs because of back issues.