Expendable Or Untouchable?

I can be wrong with this... As I said I like to think about every aspect of this world...

In our daily workplace environment....everyone is expendable...

You get a job, you start doing it for a month or a year or 5 years until you become useless to them. It could depression,lack of confidence,no results,family issues etc anything but it will get you fired. They don't have anymore use for you so they fire you tell you it's your fault or board's decision whatever. You go home, find a new job and the old one is replaced by another qualified person.

The people who stay for a company for 15 or 20 so on years. They remain their because they have good use but after death or any other reason they become useless. The company don't build a tomb or mourn them each day, they find someone else. So yeah everyone is expendable...unless you are the untouchable..

Guys who own the company.who are some of the wealthiest people on this earth,some of the smartest people on this world. Bill Gates see his employees and say this is the future, Steve Jobs said his company holds one of the most brilliant minds of this world. Coca Cola owner sees hard-workers everyday in his company. But all that BS is for publicity trap.

Bill Gates sees his employees as he sees his own operating systems...profitable for sometime and then move on to the next one. Steve Jobs saw his employees as another mere way of income. They don't cry or weep if any of their employees die or resign. They simply hire the next one as so the world goes.

So yeah...expendables are controlled by untouchables...question you have to ask is who you want to become?
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No matter what happens to anyone, the world goes on doesn't it. One should come to realize these things, and then not be so attached to them (or to a job). It's no use.

You just prove that you are expendable...I just made a mere observation and presented my theory... You let things to run as they will...you just let things go as they are.... That's why all drop outs are billionaires and we are studying to be slaves

none of them

then what do you choose to become?

of course i wanna be an intouchable ! :p

That's the spirit....