Am I Fascinated ?? I'm Appalled More Than Fascinated Sometimes.

This is a story (abeit tragic!) of a mahout who got killed this past week.

I do not know if this is the same elephant we saw a year or two ago.,

This was a chilling early morning and in the Shiroor mutt was this temple where the early morning festivities were being held and at the head of the temple was this elephant used to start the festivities.

It was around 6AM and the elephant was grumpy ! and restless.

The people around started lighting firecrackers on the ground,which jolted the elephant and started showing signs of being troubled and was really uncomfortable - the mahout tried to keep it under control and was sort of "abusive" ( maybe in view it was ) but not in his view.

And now I read this story - I do not know if it exactly the same elephant -  but the circumstances are coincidental.

Mahout : Is the one who handles the elephants and they are a tribe of people who are just into training elephants. They come from long line of generations of elephant trainers.

Photo will follow.

What could have caused this breakdown ?
1. Did this elephant reach it's threshold  of being repeatedly abused !

2. Did the mahout cross his boundaries ?

3. Was this elephant not a morning person ?  ( I hate being woken up at 1 AM and told to walk 5 miles ?? )

4. Was the elephant fed up of being sterotyped as " rogue elephants "  incessantly ? Ever heard of rogue elephants crossing the road  ? How did the elephant become rogue by crossing the road - when people made the roads in their trail paths in the first place.

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That is sad. I hope this kind of incidents doesn't happen again.