About A Girl Who Wants To Kill Her Self

First of all. I was on this chat website. This girl,19. Wants to kill her self, cause she thinks she is ugly, and that she thinks no one will lover her and she is a virgin. First of all I asked if she had clear skin. And she said she had clear skin and freckles. I find freckles pretty beautiful. Hey I don't have clear skin. I struggle with acne, but it will go away once I am done puberty, meaning when I am an adult. Other than that I am pretty attractive. She does not like the way she looks. If it was me in that position I would get in shape, and get plastic sergery. You know change my appearance if I though I was very ugly. I have a high self esteem. But when I meet someone who thinks they are ugly. I be nice to them. I greet them, try to make them feel good about them selfs. But our looks comes from our parents. But it's to sad how some people think they are ugly. I was told that I was ugly. I am ugly when my skin comes in contact with the sun, cause the sun makes my skin break out, also short hair makes me look ugly I think. Hw about you, what's your motive?
Brandon15shawana Brandon15shawana
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013