Sociology And Peoples Choices

OK so sociology is nothing I have qualifications in however over the past few years I have picked up on things in the media and documentaries and on the internet about peoples habits, or a more accurate description peoples movements within a society. Now being influenced by the media is probably not a great thing, as I may have been influenced by more extreme views more likely to be given more air time.
The idea that we are not really in control of our lives and that we are controlled by the environment and society around is is not a new idea, nor is being influenced and controlled by people in authority. I mean when you really look at it, whats the worst that cound happen if you dont conform to normal society values, usually its quite bad you end up in prison maybe, or you end up begging on the street etc. But is that really that bad? I suppose it is really, but it could be worse, and this fear or at least this knowledge of potential catastophic failiure that keeps the more extreme and dangerous people in check (apart from people in power). Indeed most of us are happy living in a envirmonment which has some safety net and control. Adds security to our lives. Have we got too used to this security and too quick to judge or fear anything out of the norm? Indeed it takes many people a long time to realise they are actually free and are able to do what they want within reason, or if they are prepared to face consequences anything they so choose. We are not animals we are intellegent social animals so it makes sense to live wihin an environment that limits danger to a degree.

So to one of my points after that wittering: if you were to walk down the highstreet with your friends and decide to have an alcoholic drink in a bar. Would you choose the nice looking trendy one or the pub that sells real ale and is very traditional. Here we have a choice. But do we? You may choose to go into the trendy bar but you may not "fit in" it may make you feel uncomfortable. You realise you would be more suited to the traditional pub (assuming you didnt just want to go home and make a coffee). So my point is you do not have a choice, or the only choice would be to go to the pub or do something else. What I am trying to get at is that we have very limited or very few choices in reality. Additionally, the pub maybe was frequented by heavy drinkers, in which case, it may be seen as "normal" to drink heavily. This would probably infulence most poeple to drink heavier than they normally would who also frequent the pub.
Now I am not making a specific point here about just alcohol and pubs but by how peoples behaviour is influenced and potentially made unhealthy, by the world around us and leaving us with little choice in our immediate surroundings. If most poeple are happy to eat KFC then surely it is ok for me to eat it. Etc. I guess very few people dont go into KFC unless they have made a plan to do so.
My own feeling is that yes our choices maybe limited in most circumstances however this may encourage people to have a "free mind" which I think is more important than the physical or general interpretation of freedom. If we were really free we wouldnt be bound to this earth entirely.
spikey600 spikey600
Jan 7, 2013